It's the Queen's Birthday.

Baffling holidays are part of an expat’s life. There are the holidays that are celebrated differently, and the holidays that aren’t celebrated at all. And then there are the new holidays.

Even though New Zealand is almost a republic, we still celebrate the Birthday of the Reigning Sovereign.

Of course, as a Yank, I was taught to oppose the idea of monarchy.

I’m also opposed to winter, which officially begins today.

Oh, well. Any excuse for a long weekend.

The Queen's real birthday is in April.


William Knight said...

I think there may be quite a lot of Kiwis, not to mention Brits, who would take issue with the remark that NZ is "nearly a republic".

But what's most curious about the Queen's birthday, is that it's not a holiday in the UK.

Juli said...

I am so busted. My political views are coming out on my blog again. I want NZ to become a republic. And I'm in the minority. As usual.

It IS weird about it not being a holiday in the UK, isn't it?

MrsB said...

It felt really odd to be celebrating the Queens birthday even as a Brit. Any excuse for a holiday is a good idea though.

It hadn't even occurred to me that the Queens head appeared on the money here until you posted that photo (shows how observant I am!). I guess that a bit odd too.

Protocole Odessa said...

hey Juli,

thanks for stopping by my NZ Winter post, I am glad you liekd it lol!

regarding this NZ Republic thing, check this post I wrote a while back about Monarchy Vs Republic, you might like it

Monarchy Vs Republic

All the best and I will put another wooly jumper on!


MrsDesperate said...

It is weird about the Quenn's birthday holiday, isn't it? Australia gets a holiday too, but a week later!