Christmas in June? Are you mad, woman?

While I’m on the subject of holidays, I know I’m not the only expat in New Zealand who thinks about Christmas at this time of year.

There are quite a few expats who are originally from the northern hemisphere living in NZ.

Hotels in town usually advertise Christmas dinners (not that I necessarily recommend that you go to any of these), and offices and other groups have Christmas in July parties.

At this time of year, it really does seem like a northern hemisphere Christmas.

It's mid winter. The days are short, and the nights are long. It’s cold. It’s a perfect time for roasts, yuletide puddings, a cozy fire, and maybe a mulled wine.


MrsB said...

I am glad I am not the only one who has been thinking like this. It feels really christmassy to me and we even sat drinking mulled wine at the weekend! Not sure what its actually going to feel like in December.

Anonymous said...

Hhmmm...2 Christmas's, but only one Father's Day??

From AA to NZ said...

You know how I love Christmas ... it just can't come too often!

Sarah said...

Count me in! I'm always way to busy in the garden and down the beach to celebrate Christmas in the summer. Whereas in the Winter I'm indoors A LOT and all I can think of doing is baking, cooking and eating! There are a lot of expats that have big Winter Solstice parties, including putting up fairy lights, eating a big roast and swapping little gifts - ties in nicely with the Maori New Year - Matariki - too. It sure is a celebration - we've turned the tide and the evenings will be getting lighter! Hurray!

Erin Maggie said...

I can relate! I struggle every year having Christmas in the middle of a hot stinking summer. I hate it. Oh how I miss the northern hemisphere! If I wasn't having a 4th of July party I would have a Christmas in July party. I've done it in previous years, decked out the whole house, put up the Christmas tree, cooked a huge dinner and everything. I love it.