Don't forget to lock the door.

New Zealand is the world’s most peaceful country. It’s been mentioned here and here and here, and now I suppose it’s my turn to rub it in blather on about just how peaceful life is in NZ.

It is peaceful. There are such low levels of violence. Maybe because of strict gun control. The police are not generally armed. Children can walk to school by themselves.

However, NZ has its problems. Last week there was a rash of burglaries in my village. The thieves entered back doors that had been left unlocked, and they also forced a window open. They took wallets and the keys to a car (the thieves even managed to steal that car). The deli and the hairdresser's were also broken into. Shame.

Edited to add. About the blathering. I was just talking about me. Those other bloggers (that I linked to) are very articulate. They don't blather. Really, I've got the blathering covered.


From AA to NZ said...

Don't forget to lock the door. Isn't that something your mother would say?

William said...

Burglary is unfortunately all too common in NZ. In fact, despite perceptions, it's more common in NZ than in the UK.

But, in terms of the Peacfulness survey, crime was not considered. (Not minor crime anyway)

Juli said...

William, that's exactly my point. Even though burglaries are common in NZ, the crime is so low level that it's not even considered in a peacefulness survey. Give me burglaries over bullet holes ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.