Today is Father’s Day--in America only.

In New Zealand (and Australia), Father’s Day is September 6. Or 6 Sept, as we say in N Zed.

Having Father’s Day fall on a different day in the US is really inconvenient. I get confused about which day Father’s Day actually is, because it’s not in June on NZ calendars. And in June it’s nearly impossible to find a Father’s Day card. So my poor dad in America usually misses out. Sorry, Dad!

The real issue is that my husband has been getting to celebrate two Father’s Days. An American Father’s Day and a Kiwi Father’s Day. Clearly, this is not what the universe intended.

As we live in NZ, we will be celebrating Father’s Day 6 Sept, and only 6 Sept. And in September I will be stocking up on Father's Day cards, so next year I will appear clever and organised. Oh, and I’m starting my Christmas shopping.



Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! (in advance)

Sarah said...

It was 'Father's Day' in the UK too. In the UK 'Mothering Sunday' is always a different date to NZ too. The UK follows the historical Mothering Sunday - always a couple of week's prior to Easter.
'Father's Day' is a recent 'Hallmark' inspired phenomenon in the UK, which didn't exist when I was a child. My father refuses to buy in to it and if I get him a card it goes in the bin! Of course, I find plenty of ways to tell him how much I love him, all year round.

Family Oz Blog said...

We totally blew Fathers Day this weekend. I had the best intentions, and had planned to get cards out, then totally flaked.

The Prof said...

I'm all in favour of two Father's Days!!