Please don't pop in on a recluse.

When I first moved to New Zealand, my husband and I lived in a suburb of Wellington.

It was where my husband grew up, and at the time, a lot of my husband’s mates still lived there. They would stop in unexpectedly to visit us. All the time.

Can’t they ring us on the phone first, or at least send us a text? I would ask, exasperated to be found at noon or later in my pyjamas.

No. Kiwis value hospitality. You are supposed to hide any inconvenience to you and go out of your way to make visitors feel comfortable and welcome.

One of my husband's mates stopped by so often that I started calling him The Pop In.

My mother-in-law popped in, just as I was getting out of the shower. I was walking naked from the kitchen to the bedroom. And once my husband’s sister popped in, while we were Doing It.

So we started trying to remember to lock the door. But if we did remember to lock it, some persistent visitors would try the back door, or just continue knocking.

For a blissful short while, we didn't have as many visitors calling in as we used to. Of course, we moved up the coast, and most of my husband's mates moved away, to Auckland and Australia.

Now I think I might be on the brink of gaining real acceptance in the village. My acquaintances are starting to pop in more and more. Bugger.


Danielle said...

Too much! Reminded me of that Seinfeld episode about "the pop-over." My husband is a fan of the pop-over, me not so much for the exact reasons you mentioned (nakedness, being unprepared, or the people just NOT WANTING visitors) I guess sometimes it is a nice surprise, but not all the time :)

William Knight said...

ha ha! lol!

I like the pop in thing. I think it's done too little in England and it's got a charm all of its own.

I wonder if Kiwis like it so much just because there's the opportunity to catch somebody at it!

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

Stopping by is common here in France too! I am known as a fairly reclusive person in the states ... I rarely answer my door or my phone unless I know who it is.

So imagine my surprise when people kept just turning up here in France. Not only that, they expect you to offer them something (coffee, wine) once here and act like you invited them or wanted their company! harumph!!

Ha, but I'm adjusting somewhat. both my attitude and approach to said visits. After all, it is supposed to be a new me.

Sarah said...

That's so funny! I have neighbours like that - but thankfully we've not had any embarrassing moments... though a few close shaves!

scrappysue said...

people don't pop in enough anymore - i love pop ins!!!