Wild weather.

Heavy torrential rain has set in. The sea is boisterous, and the wind is roaring. We live in a rural village, and it’s not unusual for us to lose power during a storm. There could be a slip (Kiwi for landslide), or there could be flooding. I’m worried our power might go out before I can publish this post.

“Why didn’t you write the post when Five was at school,” Adam asks.

“Apparently, I need the pressure of the deadline,” I reply.

Wellington is in the roaring forties latitudes. It is exposed to strong winds through the Cook Strait. Gales and heavy rain are common. If you visit Wellington, you will notice how weathertight the houses appear. Houses have to be made to stand up to wind, rain, and of course, earthquakes.

It is almost midnight as I type this post. It is satisfying to be warm and dry inside during a storm. I will fall asleep listening to the wild weather.


lisahgolden said...

After days and days of blazing sun, I'd love the romantic qualities of a good storm. Here's hoping your power withstood the furies.

Alexandra said...

Haha....the pressure of a deadline.

I'm the same bad way, about everything. Hang it over my head, and I'll get it done.

Pathetic, is this condition called procrastinating?

I love storms,too: but only the part about being cozy. Not the kiwi landslide part.

Madame DeFarge said...

Landslips don't appeal, but everything else does. Hope you sleep tight and safe.

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

I agree that there's something very satisfying about being inside during crazy weather :-) Makes everything seem so snug! Hope you survived!

Caffeinated Weka said...

I love going to sleep at night with the sound of rain on the roof. You're right; wild weather is lots of fun, so long as you are warm and cosy inside and don't need to go out in it!

Gwen said...

Sleeping in storms is the best.

I can't believe you're writing every day! I'm uber impressed. And happy for me.

sarah said...

That all sounds so wonderfully romantic to me. Northern California in the summer is all but cloudless. The idea of a tempest right about now is lovely. But I'd be pretty irritated if it took me away from twitter and the blogosphere. LOL

hope your power held and there are no landslides!

CiCi said...

Nice that you are safe and secure inside when the storm is roaring outside.