Friday night drinks.

I’m a hypochondriac. The Internet diagnosed me with whooping cough, so I asked Adam to pick up cough syrup for my "Friday night drinks" on his way home from work.

Adam tried to save money by getting the cheap cough syrup at the supermarket, but I wanted the expensive cough syrup from the pharmacy. The cough syrup you need to show your ID to get because it has drugs in it. (Not the placebo for two-year-olds.) I was disappointed. It was like getting oregano when you try to buy pot. Adam was all tough love. He said if I want drugs, I need to drive to the pharmacy and get them myself. Thanks, Adam.

I probably just have a man cold. All I want to do is lie on the couch and watch stupid TV. Like, tonight I watched The Bachelor. Adam ruined it because he was gagging, and I kind of lost it. By this, I mean I stomped off to the kitchen, and I started throwing dinner dishes in the sink. It was very satisfying until I broke my favourite bowl. Then I cried as I wrapped the broken pieces in newspaper and threw them in the rubbish bin. Outside by the bin, I fell on the ground, sobbing, and kicking my feet. I wanted the mind-numbing hit that only The Bachelor can provide. I wanted a new drug. (I would have embedded this video from YouTube, if I had been allowed. Boo!)

Edited to add. I just found out I can watch The Bachelor on TVNZ's OnDemand, but I have lost interest. Now that I can get it on the Internet, the street value of The Bachelor has gone down.
Edited again to add. The street value of The City and The Hills is still high.

Edited again to add. If I ever get over this whooping cough, I'm going to buy a new bowl.
Edited again to add. What exactly is in that cough syrup for two-year-olds?

Edited again to add. I think I'll drink some more cough syrup and watch The Bachelor.


The One and Owenly said...

Wanting to lie on the couch and watch stupid TV is pretty much the definition of a man cold.

I take it that Adam is not a fan of The Bachelor?

CiCi said...

Oh no, your favorite bowl. Dang. That is too much punishment for throwing a hissy fit. And you need to tell Adam that you weren't feeling well enough to get the cough syrup yourself and that is why you were counting on his help to get it for you.

Ballet News said...

Ha !

By the way, Ballet NEWS has moved home, so you might want to update your details to www.balletnews.co.uk

lisahgolden said...

Hilarious! I hate it when I sling things around and they get broken. It ruins the satisfaction of being loudly grumpy.

From AA to NZ said...

Sob....your new security does not allow me to comment from my iPhone, and, as you know, I'm ALL about the Iphone .... oh, wait...

Also totally OT - didn't you once own that bathing suit in the drug video? That wasn't you in the video, was it? You don't still have that suit, do you???

Juli said...

Sorry about the word verification text. I guess I might need to move to Disques. (sobbing)

About Huey Lewis and "I want a new drug"--I don't remember having the same swimsuit as the girl in the video! Also never realized the vid is set in San Francsico. Or how good-looking Huey Lewis is...

Alexandra said...

Oh, so much perfection in that post. The oregano vs pot, the man cold on the sofa, the edit to adds.

Every time I hop over, it gets better and better.

Thank you, I'm on the downlow here with a root canal done this morning. You took my mind off the pain. FOr a bit, anyway,


SUEB0B said...

I thought I was the only one who had breaking-things adult tantrums. Thank you for making me feel better.