Back To The Future.

Living in New Zealand is like doing a time warp. The life style is pretty laid back. It is slower paced and not as intense as America. There is less crime, since handguns are illegal. The NZ Police often are unarmed.

“It’s reminds us of California 30 years ago,” American tourists rave.

It was a quiet and rainy August 1. I began to write my first post for Nablopomo (National Blog Posting Month). I felt confident.

"I can do this," I said to myself. "I can write a post every day for the month of August." I waited for my clever thoughts to fly from my fingertips onto the page. And I waited.

Still waiting, I went to the Nablopomo site to find “support for endurance blogging”. (And to pick up a badge for my sidebar.) I found the July blogroll, but nothing for August.

Then I remembered. New Zealand is in The Future. At the Nablopomo headquarters in America, it still was July 31.

I was alone. It was like I was in a dystopian story where the month has ended, and nobody in America knows about it yet. I was having my Sunday morning while America was having its Saturday afternoon.

Because we are across the International Date Line, New Zealand always is in The Future. In New Zealand, we blast into The Future in hovercars powered by fusion of rubbish. Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and my birthday are all in The Future.

America lags behind. Unfortunately, what America does has an impact on The Future. America is asleep when I am on Facebook. And on Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November), it is my Friday, and everyone in New Zealand is at work.

To keep it simple, I will post for Nablopomo according to my own time zone. My posts will be stamped with my own local date and time.

How will being from The Future affect me? Will I still post every day in the month of August?
In summary, I will finish Nablopomo in The Future. Let’s do the time warp again!


From AA to NZ said...

You mean it's August? Already? So soon? And today is tomorrow and day is night and ....
that's why I never wear a watch.

Betty said...

I always like it when I see someone post "in the future". It's said that tomorrow never comes, but with connections (small as they might be) from around the world, tomorrow does arrive. I'll know I'm in trouble if my NZ and Aussie friends don't post before I wake up,

lisahgolden said...

I like knowing someone from the future. I suppose it would be too much to ask to have you get me the Georgia lottery numbers. Yes?

P.S. You look fantastic on Suzy's blog! Nice shirt!

Eby said...

I'll be in the future with you, so no slacking!

Kate said...

I *Love* being the first country to get the new day! (well, apart from some islands where only a few people I don't know live).

I love posting on Sunday morning while everyone else is still in Saturday. I like to reassure them that the world is turning, Sunday's going to happen, and that all is well.