Am I neurotic?

Whenever I feel anxious, I jokingly say I’m neurotic.

I will be first to admit I have some neurotic traits. Like, I'm mildly OCD about putting things where they go. I can be a perfectionist. I'm kind of highly strung.

Of course, many people believe they're neurotic. Some of you take pills to help you with anxiety. And if I took pills, I'm sure I would be less neurotic. But what does it mean to be neurotic?

*I am easily disturbed.
Yes. Loud noises disturb me. Like, if my neighbour is using a weed whacker, a skill saw, or a chainsaw. Or if Adam is playing a stupid game on the Xbox when I’m trying to “do important research” on the Internet.

*I change my mood a lot.
Nah. I’m not that mercurial. I'm sensitive to the moods of other people though. Because I'm psychic.

*I get irritated easily.
Yeah. Fuck yeah. Also, I’m a lousy actress. I’m not able to hide my feelings.

*I get stressed out easily.
Yes. I'm better at letting things go than I used to be. But if people are observing me doing a task, I get nervous.

*I get upset easily.

*I have frequent mood swings.
Not really. I range from manic to depressed, but those are extremes. Let's just say I’m consistently grumpy.

*I often feel blue.
Not usually. Sometimes I feel sad. But this is normal, right?

*I worry about things.
God, yes.

*I am seldom relaxed.
Nah. But I do have a regular need to be alone.

*Carl Jung said neurotic people have issues with the meaning of their life.
Carl Jung and I would not get along.

So, I am slightly neurotic.

Take this test to find out if you are neurotic:
Are You Neurotic?


lisahgolden said...

I took the test. I am slightly neurotic and fairly enlightened. That's today. I'd hate to see what it might have said a couple of days ago. Or tomorrow.

Cadi said...

Mine came back with slightly neurotic & fairly enlightened. Seems like an okay combination.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I'm slightly neurotic too.

Katie L. said...

I don't even need to take the test. I am definitely neurotic. Which is just the way it is. :)

Madame DeFarge said...

I'm not taking the test. I look at your answers and figure I'm exactly the same. I embrace my inner neuroticism and wave two fingers at the balanced world.

Anonymous said...

This is great! I swear you just explained me! :o)

Anne Michelle Johal said...

you sound postively real to me...I was slightly neurotic and fairly enlightened today...possibly tomorrow i will be definately neurotic cos i want to be...

Unknown said...

I took the test: "You are slightly neurotic (aren't we all?) and fairly enlightened as well."

Alexandra said...

I knew the answer, but took the test anyway.

Shocker. Tell me something I don't know.