I don't even like curtains.

It took twelve weeks for the new curtains to arrive. And then, another (gruelling) three hours for our landlords to hang them up.

I was away during our landlords' latest foray into DIY. Poor Adam was on landlord duty, and I am in his debt.

But I was with the child, at a children's birthday party. So I think we are even.

And magic, magic. Our new curtains are up. On three windows.

The curtains are from the very trendy (in NZ and Australia) Spotlight store. And just so you know, there really is no such thing as too neutral.

I love them. Believe me, it could be worse.


From AA to NZ said...

Curtains are fabulous, dahling - and you know I love the windows!

Rob said...

What is it with Kiwis and neutral colours? Our house was all cream and beige when we bought it. Apart from the 1970s cream, yellow, green and brown curtains!

harmzie said...

Wow. Curtains that need to arrive? I am unfamiliar with the concept. My curtains have all come in packages off a shelf!

Lovely though! I may look into this "arriving" concept!

Juli said...

I think maybe the new curtains from Spotlight were custom-made. There are plenty of curtains available in packages off the shelf, which is the concept I am more familiar with too. The last curtains we had here were actually made by hand!

As for neutrals, in my rental experience so far in NZ, they have been few and far between!

Juli said...

I think I overlooked the cream neutrals for all the 1970s curtains. Don't get me started on yellow glass and archways. Classic, Rob!

Aliceson said...

Yeah it could be worse. I know all the men in my family think it's perfectly acceptable to use bed linens as window coverings.

Your new curtains look great!

Rob said...

For your entertainment here are those curtains!


They make decent dust sheets!

Avalon said...

I really loathe shopping for curtains. I have two options for ready made curtains: Spotlight in Wellington, or the Warehouse. Neither of which sells NICE readymade curtains. Oh, and Briscoes - which occasionaly enters the realm of the Non-Hideous - but then you have try and go in when Curtains are in the sale so that you dont pay twoce the real price.