Curtains flashback.

Rob brings up an interesting point in the comments of my last post:

What is it with Kiwis and neutral colours? Our house was all cream and beige when we bought it. Apart from the 1970s cream, yellow, green and brown curtains!

It's true. All over Wellington, there are these exact same curtains from the 70s. I know, because I have looked at A LOT of rentals. And a lot of homes up for sale. I am nosy picky.

At our last flat, I almost convinced myself these curtains said South Pacific. Behold.

Groovy! Cream, yellow, green, and brown. Can you dig it?

But I was distracted. With a baby this cute, I soon forgot all about the curtains.


milliemirepoix said...

I'm surprised I hadn't thought about this before but it's totally true. Don't even get me started on my first flat in Wellington - it was all about the puke-green shag carpet, khaki-green curtains, pinkish tan walls and yellowey-cream cupboards, oh dear!

From AA to NZ said...

World's cutest ......

Avalon said...

Now this is something you can fairly and rightly blame on the hoards of Property Investors :)

I cringed all the way through decorating our rental in what I think of as horrid neutral beige. But apparently Kiwi's love it. It was a definate improvement on the rubbish that was on the walls before it - but still - it gets rather dull after 5 rooms of Half Tea.

Will Ryan said...

I bet a headstrong yet thrifty governess could make some sweet play clothes from those.