Enough of the soapbox already.

It’s time for another edition of Funny Things Kiwis Say.

Chur. I think this means cheers, as in thank you. It's grunted by men only. It’s a way of acknowledging that you heard what someone said and that you agree.

Bro. You might hear someone say Chur, bro or that was choice, eh, bro. Again, it’s a guy thing.

Youse. You plural, as in thank youse very much. If you get annoyed when you hear this, you are probably a tall poppy.

Sweet as. An iconic phrase. It’s sort of the Kiwi version of No worries. It means awesome.

Far out. Doesn’t mean hip or cool. You say this if someone is being an idiot.

Wicked. The East Coast slang from back in the 80s. It’s still around. Awesome.


Aliceson said...

I have heard youse before but I thought it was a mistake, I guess I learned something new today. :)

betty-NZ said...

I used 'youse' when I was living in the Chicago area, many years ago, but mostly as 'youse guys'. It's the rest of the Kiwi stuff that I don't understand!!

Unknown said...

Hello! Thank you for coming by my blog, commenting and following! I was really glad to have you!When I was in New Zealand we noticed that everyone called fish and chips...fush n chups... did you hear that? We loved it there and would go back in a flash. Sarah x

Anonymous said...

Then there's 'now worries' as in no probs. I love the kiwi language, and the country. Love from Scotland.

MrsDesperate said...

What about "Yeah-no"? And we always get a snigger out of 'fluffie' for babycino. Back home a fluffie is a silent kiddy fart.

Unknown said...

It's sort of a relief to know that youse is not just a New York-adopted-by-Rhode-Islanders thing. Mostly it is used by lower educated, urban folk around these parts.

unPC lesbian said...

you forgot "choice", as in choice bro. And of course awesome, except here it is oarsome. And Sarah, as well as fush n chups, we also have a chain of electronic stores called Duck Smuffs.