Retraction. (Not really.)

Harriet the Spy
When I was growing up, Harriet the Spy was a book that I liked a lot. It’s about a girl who writes in her journal what she really thinks of people. One day, Harriet loses her journal, and her friends find it and read it. Harriet’s friends are hurt by what she has written, and Harriet must apologize (i.e., print a retraction) to save her friendships. Oh yeah, I identified with Harriet.

Well, Wellington Road is not a journal. Most of the time, Wellington Road is a humour blog. It's where the author rambles on about whatever is on her mind. Call it therapy, or call it procrastination. Especially when the author is supposed to be doing the dishes, hanging up the washing, or playing with Transformers.

If you have been offended by the content of this website (such that it is) because the author has:
  • flirted with satire;
  • wallowed in irony;
  • suggested you are neurotic;
  • complained and/or whinged;
  • made fun of a beloved national holiday, or
  • compared you to a sheep;
be advised that it really isn’t about you. If you believe that it is about you, let your voice be heard. Email your Letter of Complaint to the attention of the Standards Committee.

If your letter is funny enough, we may post it on the website. Or you can leave a comment on this blog. Don’t be shy. Anonymous comments are still allowed.

If your feelings have been hurt by a post on Wellington Road, most Kiwis would say you need to harden up.

But here at Wellington Road, we are warm and fuzzy. We care about your feelings, and we apologize for our mistakes (and, if necessary, we lie).

As such, from here on in at Wellington Road, self-deprecating humour is the order of the day. All mocking will be of Juli Ryan, the author of this blog, only. And perhaps some celebrities, politicians, and other random people and events.

But not you, dear reader. You are one of the reasons that we get up in the morning (other than coffee and the incessant demands of a child tyrant dictator). We will (probably) never mock you.


topparicd said...

oh Juli...."Standards Committee"...I love it! By the way, my cousin's daughter is headed to NZ after Christmas for a 6 month stint as a nanny. I'd love to connect the two of you - how could 2 girls from Ohio not get along???? I'll get her info and pass it to you via email. Love your blog!!!!

Elizabeth VanBodegraven said...

How I loved Harriet the Spy. She was so funny! She wrote what we think. That's a book I would like to read again - I'm sure I would enjoy it just as much today.

Sweet Jane said...

Waaaait! What happened? Oh man. Tell us!

Dude, I love you. (is that awkward?) And. I named you in one of those super duper silly but fun but you know awardee things over in LCD. Come check it out and post about it if you want. No hurt feelings if not. Although I may complain to the standards committee.

Madame DeFarge said...

I'm impressed you have enough standards to have a standards committee. I have so few, it would barely be quorate.

Unknown said...

I'll be honest, I don't think your sarcasm translates well on this blog. Because your blog is sort of random when you are sarcastic I am thrown off. It just comes across as angry.

Juli said...

Awww, Sarah. Thanks for your comment. As we often say at Wellington Road, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. You are so positive, and I'm so the glass is half empty. I rant a lot. Maybe I should change my blog to Wellington Road Rants?

Sweet Jane, you're so sweet. I love you. At the moment (this is weird) I'm finding it a bit tricky, navigating my relationships IRL with what I write on Wellington Road. Since it isn't an anonymous blog. People read my posts, and their feelings get hurt. Anyway, I'm popping right over to your blog for a pick-me up. Thanks so much. xoxoxo

Juli said...

Mme Defarge, to date, the Standards Committee has not played much of a role (if any) at Wellington Road. We are hopeful that they will stop drinking coffee and surfing the Internet, and do their jobs properly. Otherwise, there of been some whispers of layoffs around the place, and this useless committee may be first on the chopping block!

Avalon said...

Standards Committee! Love it!

Love the humour too - but then its humour I get :)Maybe thats cos i DO write a lot of angry blogs - I always appreciaste those who can rant without the anger bit :)