I'm thankful I don't have to eat turkey.

This year I’m not celebrating Thanksgiving. It's practically summer in New Zealand, and I just don't feel like roasting a turkey.

But I might make a pumpkin pie. Kiwis are curious about pumpkin pie. Because in New Zealand, we don't eat pumpkin from a can.

I’m not sure why I celebrate Halloween, and I can’t be bothered with Thanksgiving. Maybe because at Thanksgiving, everyone in New Zealand is at work. Or because in New Zealand, Thanksgiving is a day early.

Am I supposed to celebrate Thanksgiving while my American family and friends are defrosting their turkeys? By the time New Zealand wakes up, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will be over. I'm not waking up early for a parade.

Plus, the American Thanksgiving is just too close to Christmas. At Thanksgiving, you have a preview of the same dinner you will eat again in a month.

We all know that celebrating the genocide of indigenous peoples is wrong. And at Thanksgiving you have to watch football (the boring game with the pointy ball).

On the up side, if you act thankful for just one day, you can make up for a year's worth of narcissism.


Aliceson said...

You're right about Thanksgiving being overshadowed by Christmas. The only commercials on TV (right now during the Macy's parade) are about black Friday sales filled with holiday music. The bird isn't even on the grill yet but I hear "jingle bells."

Personally I'm jealous of your springtime weather! It's cold and rainy here today. :(

PaisleyJade said...

Hi there... found your blog from here:


Awesome to meet some more Kiwi bloggers!!

lorenabr said...

I like NZ. How do you like it so far? Cool post:)

injaynesworld said...

It's summer there? How lovely. I'm in California and it's getting cold -- well, as cold as it ever gets in California. We are such weather weenies here.

Suzy said...

Thanksgiving is such a dull holiday. You've got the right idea...

V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios said...

When I lived in Belgium, I didn't celebrate Thanksgiving because it felt too queer to be having this big holiday while everyone else is at work. But back in America, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love its simplicity and the way it hasn't been ruined by too many expectations. No big decorating schemes, no gifts, no pressure to send flowers or cards. Gather and feast and be grateful! I like that.