I did not get permission to write this post.

After my recent post about Adam and his DIY projects, I received some interesting emails and comments.

Women said, Too funny, my husband is like that too.

Guys said, You’re not complaining, are you? I wouldn’t put up with that from my wife.

Adam was shitty that I wrote the post (which he hasn’t read, by the way).

Me: I thought you said I was allowed to write it? (I am supposed to get permission to write about him on my blog,)

Adam: You were supposed to write about the van. Not those other things.

Me: But those other things are funny. And I said you look like Brad Pitt.

Adam: (grunt of disgust)

It’s like he doesn’t even want to look like Brad Pitt.

Me: Do you want me to take it down?

Adam (sulking): No.

Okay, so maybe it’s in poor taste to mock your husband on your blog. It’s like cyber mocking, or cyber nagging. Yeah, it seems nagging is a bad thing. Nagging has a bad reputation. Wives are supposed to just suck it up, and maybe brainstorm with their husbands about how to get things done.

When did we go back to the 1950s? And if we have gone back to the 50s, why am I still expected to work outside the home and earn money? As a post-feminist, I’m raising my hand in protest. Then I’m going to go burn my bra, because I never really liked this one, but it’s the only one that fits.

Australian feminist pioneer, Germaine Greer.
Photo credit: Wikipedia.

Edited to add: Adam wants you to know that he WOULD read my blog, if he could get a turn on the computer. So, now I'm a nag who mocks her husband on her blog, AND I'm selfish. I rock.

Edited again to add: I am still wearing my bra that I don't like. Is that too much information?


Jacqui said...

DIY is totally open to mocking - just look at those tv shows dedicated to making the husband look totally stupid and incompetent. Your hubby should be grateful he didn't end up on tv, exposed to the nation. Mine insists on calling in the experts for every little thing, frankly I'm surprised I'm allowed to change lightbulbs. I'd be all DIY if I could.

Nagging is just a term guys like to trot out when it's useful. If they'd ever seen a true nagging situation and a truly hen-pecked husband they'd be meek and humble in the face of the occasional wifely loving reminder.

Juli said...

Thanks, Jacqui. It's like my husband the expert thinks I'm Dooce, or something. Bless him!

Suzy said...

You are just one of about 10 female bloggers I've heard talk about their "husband won't allow it." This makes me so sad. I'm glad I never got married.

Do what you want!

tennysoneehemingway said...

Jesus, just tell him to 'suck it up princess.' Like my wife tells me.

betty-NZ said...

Oh, my, if he did what he should, you wouldn't have anything to complain about! None of us are perfect, but it could be a lot worse--for both of you. I hope he gets over it soon. And don't let him stop you from blogging. It's the 21st century and whining only makes him look bad.

Juli said...

Crap, this post was not supposed to make Adam look bad. He's resigned to my blogging!

I really just wanted to get at how difficult it is sometimes for writers, when we write about our real-life relationships.

And also just to poke a bit of fun at the gender divide in marriage!

LuLu and Moxley's Mom said...

What's the point of having a blog if you can't make fun of your husband??? I thought that was the official definition of a blog.

From AA to NZ said...

Oh my. I would love to use T ee H's comment on my husband, but unfortunately he reads your blog!

Aliceson said...

My husband gets a little pissy if I write about him in a less than charming light too but hey you wrote the truth and if you can't blog about it what can you do? Nag him more in real life? Yeah, he'll love that.

harmzie said...

You know what I hate? (Ok, not so much *hate* as *roll my eyes so far back it's physically painful*) "MY husband [insert miraculous walks-on-water type behaviour here] and is soooo attractive that [insert amazing attractive defining behaviour here]" etc.

Maybe that I can see a lot of my husband in your examples. I often feel like venting, and it slips out a little hear and there, if you're watching, but I assume that if you're comfortable airing a few dirty linens, there's more than enough crisp & clean towels in the closet ;-) I have no idea what that means. This is why I'm not an *actual* writer.

I need another glass of wine.