I am consistent, if not romantic.

Last year, I forgot our wedding anniversary. This year, I forgot it again.

I did know it was coming up. I just couldn’t remember the exact day. Is it the eighth? Or the tenth? I really need to start writing these things down.

Apparently, Adam had been waiting for me to mention it. And I never did. Our marriage, in a nutshell.

I never had dreams of a big wedding. We eloped. I wore jeans. Adam felt cheated out of a destination wedding, presents, and a big reception.

At first, we didn't tell people we were married. I think we intended to renew our vows and have a reception at some later date. It still hasn't happened.

Whatever. Five years of marriage. Go us.

The day after Adam and I first met (I forgot to develop our wedding photos).


Avalon said...

OK, I laughed :)

For many years I couldnt remember hubby's birthday - was it April or May??? I felt so stupid.

I havent forgotten our anniversary yet though - but I did forget to give him his birthday present last year.

As long as they know we love them :)

betty-NZ said...

LOL I decided long ago that remembering dates doesn't equate love! I always got my first marriage anniversary wrong. I wonder what can be read into that!!!!

Aliceson said...

The date isn't important and it sounds like your husband is used to your date forgetfulness.

I must say, in that photo you resemble a thin Kirstie Allie. Don't you think?

Congrats on 5 years!

Cwybrow said...

HA! Just a couple weeks ago I said to my husband "Oh, you CAN'T stay away that week, you have to come home to celebrate our fifth anniversary (of when we started dating)!" He looked really odd for a second and then said "You mean our SIXTH anniversary."
Oops. Bye-bye moral high ground.

Suzy said...

A million men would consider you the perfect woman!

Family Oz Blog said...

We just had our tenth and contrary to what I had always dreamed (anniversary ring, renewing vows, 2nd honeymoon) it was just like any other day. We went for dessert at Max Brenner with our five year old and exchanged cards. It's all about the journey, and being able to look back and realize you'd do it all over again. Congrats on your fifth!

Madame DeFarge said...

Happy anniversary. I remember ours mostly as an act of wifely revenge to ensure that I can top trump in the great 'I remember more dates than you do' debate.

tennysoneehemingway said...

My wife is a bit like that. I'm always bagging her out for forgetting. It'll be ten years next year, so that one had better NOT be forgotten.

Chris Mancini said...

It's nice to hear women actually do this too. Our anniversary date is on my calendar electronically, comes up every year, and every year I make the same mistake by asking my wife "When is our anniversary again? How many years is it? Oh."

Elizabeth VanBodegraven said...

Tom remembers our anniversary. He remembers what I was wearing on our first date. A few years back, he was in India for the 2 months prior to our anniversary. He managed to order ballet tickets and make dinner reservations. I feel like a heal. I use the electronic calendar to remind me daily for the 2 weeks prior so I don't screw it up...and yet, I am scrambling at the last minute every time.

Anonymous said...

Covert marriage! I love it!

I sympathize. Rick and I didn't want a big deal when we had our Civil Union. After all, we'd been together over a decade by then. We had to have two witnesses and we wanted people from the office of Births, Deaths & Marriages to be witnesses for us - but they told us we had to bring our own witnesses! So we invited our two friends who would be most upset if they missed the ceremony. I gave strict orders. NO CAMERAS.

Our friend Biscuit of course had the video camera out as soon as we walked into the building. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only female person that did that...twice..5 years in Dec.. 11th or 12th, I forget. GO us.