I'm hooked on Outrageous Fortune.

I don’t watch Shortland Street, but I am a fan of New Zealand’s Outrageous Fortune.

It’s a local drama about a family of criminals who start trying to live an honest life. Sometimes it’s cheesy, but it’s often quite funny. And I like how the soundtrack features New Zealand music.

Rumour has it that a US version is in the works. I can't wait to see what the Yanks come up with.

Here’s the trailer for the fifth series, which is now airing in NZ.

Edited to add. Sorry, probably NSFW.


From AA to NZ said...

Looks like too much sex and not enough violence for us yanks!

Family Oz Blog said...

I've watched this a few times, it's good. Let's hope this US remake is more Kath and Kim than the Office....

Anonymous said...

I love it too, I miss it, I think I'll request the dvds for xmas!