Hiding behind the curtains.

When the sun goes down in NZ, nearly everyone closes the curtains. I think it's for privacy.

My husband says, no, it is for warmth, because almost no one has double-glazed windows.

But everyone who pops in at Wellington Road seems surprised by our neighbour’s house. Because we can look right into her open-plan lounge and kitchen.

My husband says people are shocked because they are not up with modern design. And it is nice that our neighbour can look out of her house, rather than being surrounded by four walls.

But he is very sure. She doesn’t have double-glazed windows.

So I think our neighbour is an exhibitionist. And I like it.

This house looks a million times better since she moved in.


MrsB said...

I am convinced the curtains are for warmth - it makes a big difference in our house when they are closed. My girls are exhibitionists as well - they love opening the curtains before we're all dressed!

From AA to NZ said...

We live on the twenty-first floor - no privacy needed here.

betty-NZ said...

I think I have to go with privacy although I can see how warmth would come into play in this never-heard-of-insulation nation!