Guilty pleasures. Oh, Edward.

So, mentally I am a teenage girl. I have been reading the Twilight books. Go ahead and think less of me, but I really like them. I have read them each in a day or two, and I just can’t put them down.

My favourite is the third book, Eclipse. It is about a girl who has to choose between two guys in opposing worlds. My husband is totally like Jacob (the werewolf). But who can resist Edward--vampires are so very appealing.

The writing is terrible. It is full of clich├ęs. Stephanie Meyer clearly has a way with words and a decent vocabulary and is a skilled storyteller, so it “breaks my heart” to read through so much cheese for every genuine moment.

You will see almost every twist of the plot coming. Meyer doesn’t make the most interesting choices, which is a let-down time and again. And she seriously needs to edit and polish and not make the first draft her final one.

Then again, she is a bestselling novelist. What do I know.

150 pages to go. Bracing myself for the disappointing finale.


MrsB said...

I loved the film even though it was very cheesy and like a teenage novel.
After reading your post I will borrow the books from the library but I will have to hide them from my husband or he will forever be going on about how I am relapsing to my teenage years!

Avalon said...

I finished the books a while ago, after watching the movie and thinking it was a whole lot better than I was expecting.

I couldnt put the books down, and read the lot in a week. And if it helps - I dont think the ending will disappoint - except that it means no more story :(

Is it sad that I'm actually looking forward to teh next movie ?