I'm still looking for a cafe.

I had dropped the child off at the playcentre, and it was raining buckets.

Since I was disappointed with the village cafe, I decided to try the pub cafe.

It was 11:06. I tried the door, but it was locked. Someone looked out the window, but she didn't wave or motion for me to come in.

Then I saw someone go in a side door, and I thought, maybe I'm supposed to use that door.

I was wrong. There were no customers in the pub cafe.

When I asked for a coffee, I was told that the pub doesn’t open until eleven. And they were opening late.

I was given my coffee, and then the pub owner came over to chat with me. He was surprised to find out that I’m local and I’ve been living in the village for years.

I hardly ever go to the pub, I said stupidly.

Locals, he sighed.

He said the pub has been busy. People come from up and down the line. And the pub has lots going on, with quiz nights and karaoke and art.

I promised to pop in one night for a wine, and then he unlocked the door so I could leave.

It was now 11:30 a.m. and apparently, the pub cafe still wasn’t open.

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