I don't eat beets.

I love a few things on this list of good-for-you foods: turmeric, frozen blueberries, cinnamon, pumpkin seeds and pumpkin.

Cabbage and swiss chard, yes, I could eat these more often.

And my husband loves prunes.

Pomegranate juice sounds nice.

Okay, okay, I'll buy beets. And this time I won't leave them to wilt in the veggie drawer. I'll eat them, and I'll like them. Yes, I can.

Sardines? I've never tried them.

They just sound yuck.

I guess I could buy them for the earthquake.

Maybe I'll love 'em.

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From AA to NZ said...

The earthquake info reminds me of the hurricane emergency lists during the summer in Southwest Florida. We have tuna, not sardines, in our supply basket. Aren't sardines similar to whitebait?