It's a wonderful life.

Every year, I panic about Christmas. I get so overwhelmed. I don’t have that much to do. But I'm a worrier.

I'm going to be honest with you. I don’t like Christmas. All my life, I thought I liked Christmas. I've finally admitted to myself I don’t. In fact, I’ve never liked Christmas—the hustle and the bustle and the scrambling. It's too intense for me.

I keep hoping that Christmas won't happen. Because I am a chronic procrastinator, and I hate shopping. If you see me at the shops, I'm sorry if I seem crazier than usual. Soon it will be over.

I'm trying to slow down and enjoy it.

Anyway, I have some great news. My good friend Neil (who is from New York) is coming to New Zealand for Christmas and New Year’s. I'm so excited (and nervous) about his visit.

If you know me, I am a lazy, neurotic hermit. But since Neil and I have a lot in common, I think we'll have fun.

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The One and Owenly said...

Sorry to hear that the hustle and bustle get to you, but I hope that the upcoming visit will be enjoyable!

Casey Freeland said...

I'm excited for your upcoming visit. Too cool for school, and fodder for lots of blog posts maybe? Anyway, the reality is nobody "likes" the hustle and bustle. Well, most normal people don't anyway. It's the little family moments, the quietness between the hustle and bustle that make Christmas good for me and mine. Sort of like the mom and dad at the end of Christmas Story when they're watching the snow coming down together. That's the good stuff. So hopefully you and Neil will find some of those moments. Have fun!


Juli said...

Casey, I agree with you about the little moments. If only I could learn to plan ahead, so I could enjoy the little moments more. I am always so relieved when the whole crazy thing is over for another year.

In New Zealand, a lot of people go camping over Christmas. This is my fantasy. With no presents. Gonna have a serious talk with the Jehovah's Witnesses the next time they come round.

Caffeinated Weka said...

I spent about 10 years avoiding Christmas (unsuccessfully) and finally started to turn it around again a couple of years ago when my niece and nephews got to the 'fun' stage. I still hate shopping, but now happily pour my time and energy into Christmas baking. It's working this year.

Juli said...

Kids are definitely the reason for the season. I am so lucky to have Seven, who is the BEST kid. Most days he makes my heart grow three sizes bigger.

Alexandra said...

Neil is wonderful. I have seen him three times in real life, and each time: he has impressed me over and over again.

A kind, considerate, intelligent, interesting, very bright man.

Have a great time, Juli. I guarantee lots of laughs, and way into the night deep conversations.


Juli said...

Oops, yeah. I didn't mean that NEIL is lazy and neurotic. Just that I think he "gets" me.

I am so excited to see him.

betty-NZ said...

Wow! It's good to see some excitement in your life!

josetteplank.com said...

You're going to have a great time with Neil! You guys should do a video journal of the visit!

TheRedQueen said...

Sending happy thoughts and energy your way! Enjoy your visit and relax! Things will fall into place beautifully. XO MissLoveB

hg said...

Me too. I've never liked CHirstmas. Well that's not exactly true. I LOVED Christmas as a jew kid who didn't celebrate it. Major tree envy. But as an adult. Meh. I'm with you it's too busy and too intense and (at least on this side of the Earth) to far out of whack with the natural order of things. Why do we have the busiest time of the year precisely when our bodies want to slow down and sleep more? Anyway.... Hope you had a good one!