I broke my laptop.

Sometimes I am clumsy. Last week I tripped over the cord to my laptop. The pin on the end of the cord broke off in the socket of the laptop.

The cost to repair it is NZ$400 (with a one-year warranty). This is about half the cost of a comparable new machine, which is NZ$900. In New Zealand, even with the high Kiwi dollar, computers are expensive.

It costs a lot to ship a computer to a small, remote country. It's also nice to have the right plug, if you know what I mean.

Are laptops over anyway? I just read an article that said by 2015, most of us will use only tablets and smartphones. I'm writing this post on my iPod touch. I already can do almost everything I need to do with this hand-held device.

Without a laptop, Six and I are doing some things the way I did Before. I'm buying paper newspapers, going physically to the bank, talking more on the phone, writing with a pen on paper. Life seems slower.

I'm sad computers aren't made to last. I had a relationship with my laptop, and now it's over. A three-year-old machine that was going fine and only needs a simple repair is rubbish.

You may disagree with me, but many of us treat human relationships like our old computers. After the warranty expires, when we "start getting real", we see people as they really are, with all their flaws. We may decide the cost of maintaining these relationships is too high, and just buy new.

Written on iPod touch


tennysoneehemingway said...

I've never really seen the appeal in laptops. I've used one a few times and I find them really clumsy. My wife keeps urging me to get one but I can't see the point. Give me a good old PC anytime.

Anonymous said...

Three words: Mac Book Air. I can't get into composing on a handheld device. I like the luxury of the full size keyboard. But, I'm sure all will eventually change, you're right. Tablets, phones, chips in our brains... Soylent Green is PEOPLE!

Tane said...

Julie have you broken the laptop socket itself or just the pin from the cord ?
If it is just the pin drop into any Auto electrician who should be able to solder another pin on with no problem.
Ask first but it should cost no more than $30.
If the auto electrician wants another pin go to Dick Smith, they will have one for a couple of bucks or know where you will get one.

CiCi said...

Bummer. Sorry to hear about your laptop. I just use my Mac at my desk like I have always done. That way when I walk away from the computer I leave it all there.

Juli said...

@Tane the component needs to be opened to remove the broken pin from the socket, which could also be damaged.

Tane said...

Juli what is the make and model of your laptop ?

Juli said...

@Tane I have a Dell. Which means parts aren't readily available in New Zealand (fwiw this isn't about the AC adaptor).

The Honourable Husband said...

Everything breaks after a while, or at least, begins to look a bit shabby. Do you repair it? Or trade it in? The same outsides, but a new motor? A polished up exterior, but the same old reliable guts inside?

Yes, relationships are like things. Is buyer's remorse inevitable?


P.S. Buy a replacement computer on your next trip to the USA. It'll be worth it.