New taglines.

I heart Ann's super funny blog, Ann’s Rants. Ann's post about new taglines had me spitting out my coffee.

Here is my riff on Ann’s tune. Without further ado, my new taglines for Wellington Road:

Wellington Road: Rants from a grumpy expat.

Wellington Road: Starring Pajama Girl as Herself.

Wellington Road: Where I write things that I really should keep to myself instead. Oo-oo-ah!

Wellington Road: Cheaper, more public therapy.

Wellington Road: I whinge so much you’d think I was a Pom.

Wellington Road: My glass is empty.

Wellington Road: Where sarcasm is the highest form of wit.

Wellington Road: I’m having an identity crisis. And so is my blog.

Wellington Road: My spell check is British.

Wellington Road: My husband used to call me Sweetness and Light.

Wellington Road: Everything is wonderful (when you’re on holiday).

Wellington Road: If I were taking Xanax, my blog would be very different.

Wellington Road: Witness the train wreck.

Wellington Road: If you think my blog is a mess, you should see my house.

Wellington Road: Bah, humbug.


Dana said...

haha! my favourite is definitely "witness the train wreck"!

Aliceson said...

I love your British Spellchecker. Funny stuff!

injaynesworld said...

"Where I write things I should keep to myself..." LOL! Ain't that the truth, girlfriend, and we're all guilty.


Londyn said...

Love them all!!!

TED said...

"I whinge so much you’d think I was a Pom." Never a truer word lol. Love the blog.


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Elizabeth said...

I think my favorite is "My husband used to call me Sweetness and Light" or is it "Witness the train wreck"? Wait, maybe "Where I write things I should keep to myself"...this last one gets me in trouble (although I say it aloud in limited confines, not written for the world to see).

Ann Imig said...

Hey! Thanks so much for the shout out. My favorite one involved whinge and pom.

But "My Husband used to call me sweetness and light" is a close second.

Still in awe of your break-in to stand up. Congrats again!

Chris Mancini said...

Not one joke about Beef Wellington? Or did I miss it? Either way, it needs to be added or in bold.

Madame DeFarge said...

I like all of them, but prefer the 'cheaper, more public therapy'. Got to be good.