Delusions of grandeur.

In my last post, I wasn't trying to sound popular. You know, with my mentions of readers, comments, and emails. Believe me, I am self-aware enough to know my place in the blogging pecking order. DON’T CHOP ME DOWN. I'm a delicate tulip.

I didn’t even like that last post. I didn’t intend to portray my husband in a bad light. Next time, I will ask Adam if I can write about him on my blog, because then I will write a much better post. It’s a win-win! And when I said Adam was shitty, I was talking about rainbows. And unicorns.

Sometimes, blogging (and all the other social media) feels like going back to high school. I still have a fantasy about being Homecoming Queen, finally making cheerleader, or getting a part (with lines) in the musical.

Just like in high school, sometimes I have hopes of getting into the “in” crowd. However, it is much more likely that I will be standing at the prom by myself in stilettos that hurt my feet.

(On my blog, I’m still that weird girl who writes bad poetry and wears funny clothes. Oh, wait. That’s who I am in real life, too.)

Next time: My top five most embarrassing high school memories.

P.S. I don’t have single photo of myself from high school. There aren’t photos of me on Facebook either. I’m just not popular on Facebook.

Can we pretend this is me then? Yeah, I’m Jeannie Bueller.

Photo credit: I'm sure it's subject to copyright. If you own the rights to it, and you don't want it posted on my website, just let me know and I'll take it down. Email me! Please?


tennysoneehemingway said...

I think most of us are wondering how to get with the 'in' crowd. Hang on, maybe that's just me.

Juli said...

Is there such a thing as being socially awkward on social media? Or is that just me? Maybe I think too much.

Elizabeth VanBodegraven said...

I know have a mission to find pictures from high - and I know I have at least one that I can think of off-hand.

As I spend more time in the corporate world, I have discovered that high school did not end when we graduated. The maturity level is higher, but there are still cliques and there is still an in-crowd. But I refuse to carry pom-poms to a meeting!

Juli said...

Elizabeth, my mother probably has heaps of photos. Of both of us. And access to a scanner. (My mother is on Facebook)

I always wanted to carry pom-poms. What a curse.