Tsunami warning!

This morning, after the big quake in Samoa, NZ woke up to tsunami warnings.

On TVNZ’s Breakfast, the Civil Defence spokesperson was asked what we should do.

“Er, I guess you need to turn on your radios and be ready to evacuate," the poor guy stammered. If you are going to be a spokesperson, please have a way with words.

I live a block away from the beach. A tsunami is possible in my area. My phone book even has a helpful section about what to do if one lives “in a zone at risk":

Is that a tsunami? Quick, run for higher ground!

Some people in the village have told me they are worried about what to do in a tsunami. Ironically, these same people are not prepared for an earthquake.

An earthquake is extremely likely in the village. Since, you know, we live on a FAULT LINE. A tsunami is just a little more likely than, say, a snowstorm in Miami.

- -
I made the mistake of posting a status update about the tsunami on Facebook:

The tsunami is unlikely to affect my area. I'm still ready to evacuate. Because I'm neurotic.
Most of the comments that I received were variations of “Thinking of you” and “Keep safe”. I am concerned that my friends on Facebook don’t “get” my sense of humour.

- -
As usual, the tsunami in NZ turned out to be Much Ado About Nothing. The first wave to hit NZ was measured at about 40 cm (15 inches).

Bracing for the tsunami on the front deck at Wellington Road.

Edited to add: You can help the victims of the earthquake/tsunami in Samoa by making a donation to the NZ Red Cross.


darsden said...

Yea..uhmmm duh dude, makes me wonder how they get on talk radio eh! Funny and so glad you were in the destruction area.

Jacqui said...

I managed not to know about the warning until it was all over. Go me! I gather there was a famous incident here back in the 60s or so when there was a tsunami warning and people actually went down to the beach to watch it come in. :))

Marja said...

I just heard it when I came home from work. Bit scary. Sad about the destruction in Samoa

Anonymous said...

Don't underestimate the severe damage a 40cm wave can do to a sand castle built at the water's edge!

Aliceson said...

I think people get freaked out when they hear the word Tsunami, like all tsunamis are going to wipe out an entire country.

Juli said...

Just so you know, I am not making light of the tsunami in Samoa. Scores of people died. I am making a donation to the NZ Red Cross.

Anonymous said...

I was shocked with the media response on TV to the tsunami.. they could have told people to keep their radios on for updates from civil defence rather than say "oh, it probably wont amount to anything."

Feel so sorry for all those in Samoa, Tonga and American Samoa.

Anonymous said...

I watched the TV3 sunrise on the net, and it was the presenters.. I didn't realise that the spokesperson stammered! That's terrible! I'll take his job :)

Organic Meatbag said...

wow, that is some scary stuff!