My husband hates eating out. At least he's a good cook.

We live in the boonies (American for rural area). There aren’t many options for eating out, or for takeaways (Kiwi for take-out).

Besides, making our own food (from scratch) is almost as easy as buying packaged, processed foods. Especially if my husband is doing the cooking. It is definitely cheaper.

And since I’m a control freak, I like to know what exactly is in my food. If I don’t know what an ingredient on the label is (more or less), then I probably won’t buy it. I like whole foods.

It helps to have a few time-saving kitchen appliances. Obviously, the microwave and the toaster. Here are my other must-haves:
  1. The jug (Kiwi for electric kettle)
    The electric kettle is CRITICAL to our daily operations at Wellington Road (eg, for the coffee plunger). I might have mentioned it before. Can't. Live. Without. It.

  2. The slow cooker
    And I love my slow cooker. You can throw dinner in it and forget about it. It's a good thing.

  3. The sandwich maker
    For toasties (Kiwi for grilled cheese sandwiches). A cast-iron skillet is nice, but the sandwich maker doesn’t require such close monitoring.

  4. The blender
    To puree soups. Or make hummus or pesto or smoothies. I really like the food processor too.

  5. The juicer
    I could probably live without the juicer. But with an organic fruit and veggie shop in the village, why would I want to?


darsden said...

Yes, me too, I want to know everything that I am eating! I have all those too except for a juicer...yet :-)

merinz said...

I too love my slow cooker (or Crock Pot as it is sometimes known). Its a wonderful feeling to put dinner on in the morning, go out, and return home to the delicious smell of a cooked dinner waiting.

Aliceson said...

We eat at home frequently too mostly because there aren't many good or healthy restaurants around here. Especially during garden season (right now) the produce here is great, going out would just irritate me. I think I may have some of that control freak gene too. :)

Avalon said...

I love my slow cooker and stick blender :) Makes life so much easier. At heart Im really lazy - so anything that makes ccoking that bit easy is great by me.

We also cook almost everything from scratch - my latest joy is making batches of Tomato Ketchup. It comes out orange instead of red - but tastes devine (well, I thinks so).