What the child is saying.

Wipe my bottom. Obviously, this is something you only want to hear from someone you gave birth to. I warned the child that when he goes to school, he will need to wipe his own bottom. And he looked at me like, I will totally hold it until I get home.

Food! Food! Food! The child tweets like a little bird when he needs something to eat.

Have a nice day, Dad. The child says this as my husband heads out the door to work. It is just as sweet as I love you.

That’s not my name. My name is Jet. Um, okay. And let me guess, you’re a Transformer? I think my husband let the child watch the Transformers to get back at me. Because robots in disguise? I don’t get it.

Mum, it’s your favourite song. I love it. The child knows my favourite song. Even though it’s been overplayed, and I don’t like it any more. Boom boom pow.

Do you want some cuddles? You would have to have a heart of stone to say no to this. Although sometimes the child’s timing is a little off, like when I have my hands full of pizza dough, or I’m sitting on the toilet. Yeah, we’ll have to work on that.


From AA to NZ said...

Ah...the joys of being a parent.

MrsDesperate said...

My kids drive me demented a small portion of the time, but the rest of it I'm swooning at the things they say.
Like: "You don't need that cream Mummy, you're already beautiful" (Mr 8 watching an infomercial);
and: "if you let me have chocolate/ice-cream/lollies/crap TV I'll give you a massage" Miss 6.
Aren't they sweet?
They are so cute when they are young, and these innocent times fly by.

Happy Campers said...

Love me some BoomBoomPow too!

How sweet is that? My son (6yrs)? Just told me "Set the level to Code Brown because I gotta go to the bathroom!"

*sigh* boys....

unPC lesbian said...

"I will totally hold it in till I get home". This WILL happen. According to the the teenager NO ONE poo's in the loo's at school.

Picture if you may the mad dash from the front door to the closest loo after returning home from 3 days of school camp....yes she did!!