Burglary or scam?

Last week one of the local papers reported another burglary in the village. $1,000 in cash was allegedly stolen from someone’s house.

This sounds suspicious. Like maybe someone is making an insurance claim.

I mean, who keeps $1,000 in a handbag at their house? Someone who is paid in cash?

At Wellington Road, burglars would be lucky to find $20.


Happy Campers said...

That is a lot of money to keep in cash at home. Although, my father keeps money like that on hand. I rarely have two bills to rub together in MY wallet!

Sarah said...

My father-in-law does and my Grandmother used to. A lot of older people still prefer cash to plastic cards and having to go into the bank. My gardener gets paid by 'cash' cheque - so he frequently takes home notes. There's more people than one would expect - but it seems this burglar got very lucky in picking just the right house, at the right time - unless they knew the person, or had been watching them and knew their habits? Oooo, don't you just love a good bit of sleuthing?!

William said...

I once had £5000 in cash to pay for a car and spent the day fearfully staring at everybody I passed looking for the daylight-robber.

Otherwise I struggle to pay the $4 large-flat-white tax every morning.

MrsDesperate said...

I never have any 'real' money on me either. Always feel guilty when I pass charity donation collecters etc, but it's true - who carries cash? I am lucky to have enough coins to cobble together for the kids' occasional school lunch orders, let alone anything else!