Initial impressions

LA seems like a foreign country.

We are much more tired than we thought we would be.

I have a new respect for all of you who have travelled around the world with a four-year-old.

Don't get me wrong. The child has been coping very well.

It's the ways of air travel that have gotten me down.

Especially when the airline forgets the special meal for your child who is allergic to EVERYTHING. And you're not allowed to bring EFF ALL on the plane.

The child doesn't want to eat fruit and crackers when everyone else is having a hot meal.

And after being on the airplane for thirteen or whatever hours, the child doesn't want to stand in line for immigration and customs.

Of course, LA is so expensive. And even in the "walkable areas" in Santa Monica, you totally need a car.

At least the people we have met have been kind and helpful. Thank you, nice people.

And now, hopefully sleep. Because tomorrow's another day at the airport.

America, why did you have to be so big?

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