Always learning

It’s a rude awakening to return to America, and to find everyone’s hand held out for a gratuity.

In Santa Monica we realized that we are a DIY family. We prefer to do things ourselves. We don't like being waited on.

I guess we are a motel family. We need a kitchenette, not room service.

I don’t like being addressed as “Ms. Ryan.” To me, it seems deferential. The only way I feel okay with it is if I’m also addressing you as Missus, Miss, or Mister.

At our hotel, I was offended by the guests’ sense of entitlement. They were demanding, and they received more attention because of it. I cringed as guests talked down to the hotel staff (ie, “My wife is in the exercise room and she needs a cold water. Get it for her NOW!”). I was embarrassed.

Here’s my review of our hotel over at TripAdvisor.

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