Vaccinating is a good idea.

I read this story about immunisation in New Zealand. We aren't very good at immunising our children.

When the child was six weeks old, New Zealand rolled out its Menigococcal B vaccinations. We felt like guinea pigs, but we did the four rounds of the vaccine. We felt the risks in the vaccine were outweighed by the risks of contracting the disease, which is epidemic in New Zealand.

Whooping cough (pertussis) is also epidemic in New Zealand. One case of whooping cough was confirmed at our playcentre, and it resulted in hospitalization.

When I was pregnant, I found out my MMR vaccine had worn off. After the child had his vaccinations, I got the MMR vaccine, just in case. It wasn’t very much fun, and I have even more sympathy than I did back when the child got his vaccines. (We were VERY liberal with the Pamol.)

Anyway, my point is vaccinations are recommended because meningitus, whooping cough, and the measles are serious diseases. Please make sure your child is immunised.

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