Welcome to the apocalypse.

Hi friends of the blog, how are we doing?

I’ll start. I have the privilege of living in a country that is making the tough calls and I one hundred percent agree with the interventions that we are making to confront this pandemic. If anything, I want us to go even harder. (Hello, at least 80% compliance rate needed for success!) 

As someone who's worked in health for the last five years studying towards a MSc in health psychology this shit has been fucking terrifying. But enough of the doom and gloom, am I right? You're getting enough of doomsday elsewhere. 

Here’s my confession. Last night I had a meltdown. I was so frustrated when I couldn’t use Airdrop then text that image file from my phone, I felt absolutely and utterly defeated, and I ugly cried. All of this change including the change from analogue to digital is some heavy shit. And I realised that I’m a dinosaur. Which was a wake up call. 

So I decided to change my life. No more obsessing over every breaking development in the news, put the phone down. Today I woke up and I hid my phone. I started the day with yoga and meditation. Then I wrote a list of things to accomplish today. 

Here's the thing. We the people need to create a beautiful life in our homes. Some of you are likely already doing this, but I just got here on Day 11 of isolation. 

Good things I did today:

1. Rang my Congresswoman Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

2. Wrote a pitch for a news story about the troubling situation going on in the US Embassy in NZ. 

3. Started an UNO tournament with 14. We will keep playing until the end of the 4 week (or longer) lockdown in NZ. 

4. Got out the good art supplies. 

5. Practiced a song on the piano to perform for my nieces and nephew when we FaceTime tomorrow. 

14 is going to play the song that he did for his electric guitar/music assessment last year. 

6. Had cups of tea and yummy food and had a nap. 

7. Video and audio calls with friends and family. 

8. Started sorting my home so that it is better organised for work and study. 

9. Supermarket shopping list. 

10. Started a written journal, on paper. 

I feel like I’ve been screaming into the void for my whole life, but now is the time to get creative and live the best life we can in these circumstances. I will try to keep updating. Love and strength to you all. We will get through this together. Kia kaha (stay strong)

PS. If you are living in America, please I’m begging you stop watching Tr**p’s pressers. Just turn it off. If he ever says anything true, it will be reported and you will learn about it soon enough. You do not need to bear witness to this propaganda. The networks can’t stop airing it altogether because doing so would set a horrible precedent for future presidents. But we the people can choose not to watch and listen to Tr**p. Tune out. Choose your news sources wisely and read from many sources. Think critically. Take care on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram where there are bots and trolls and algorithms and sponsored posts seeking to divide us. xoxo