Typical Conversation After I Meet Someone in New Zealand

“Are you Canadian?”

“No, I’m American.”

“Where are you from?”



"Ohioin the Midwest. Close to Canada."

"How long have you been living in New Zealand?”

“About ten years.”

“So, you’re almost a Kiwi!”

“Yeah!" Fake laugh. "Ha, ha.”

“How did you end up living in New Zealand?”

“I married a New Zealander…”

“Did you meet here?”

“No, in Hawaii.”

“That’s so romantic!”

“We’re not together anymore.”

"Oh, I'm sorry." Awkward pause.“Were you on holiday?”

“Well...my FRIEND married Adam’s BROTHER. Adam and I met at THEIR wedding. Then Adam visited me in San Francisco. And I came to New Zealand  we went back and forth a few times.”

“Are you going to move back to America?”

“No, Adam and I share custody of Seven. OF COURSE I wish I lived closer to my family. But Adam’s family is all here. Except for the brother who married my friend.”

“Are they still together?”

“Yeah, but we don't talk anymore.”

“Why not?”

“Oh, y'know. Divorce. I don't want to complain to Laurie about her husband’s BROTHER."


 "It’s OK though. I have a BLOG.”