My crazy hope.

My crazy hope was that summer would be full of magic (and possibly S-E-X). By this, I mean I hoped summer would be fun.

It was off to a promising start. Six was happily ensconced in his new school. I found a cute new house. And there was a guy--in real life!--whom I liked.

The cute house didn't work out. And the guy wasn't into me. So, I felt broke and a bit lonely. Six was spending Christmas with his dad.

Whatever, I thought. I would use this time alone, be productive, work on the book that I won't publish.

Then I spilled coffee on my laptop, and I had a heart attack, because I need a new motherboard. (Expensive!) Despite the best holiday weather in forty years, I was too depressed to budge from my couch.

"2011, good riddance," I wrote for my Facebook status update. This was maybe unfair.

Yes, last year was a shitty year. But there were a few moments when I felt joy. As if I was living life in a way that was impossible before, when I was married to Adam. Which is the point of being separated--I guess.

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