Checking in.

Well, instead of posting my usual drivel here, I've been trying to write a novel for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Trying because Adam has been working Saturdays, and I'm stuck solo parenting. Last weekend I fell behind in my word count, and I’m struggling to catch up. I’m not sure that I will make the deadline. Because I can’t multi-task. Or stay up past 11PM. Boo-hoo.

Last Sunday we had a power outage at Wellington Road. It was an individual fault, our second in five years. I was supposed to be baking a cake for the cake stall at the school fair. But, no. Instead we put the meat and fish that I had just bought in the chilly bin (Kiwi for cooler). And made coffee on the camping stove.

Sunday morning.

And there was the school fair. Sans cake.

3 slides for $3.

The stage.

Greasy Hangi at the fair.

How am I supposed to write a novel when life keeps interrupting me?

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. As you can imagine (and I've probably mentioned), Thanksgiving in New Zealand is pointless. There are no comparable Kiwi holidays. But Adam humours me. Because on holidays I turn into a sentimental sap.

The weather has just turned scorching hot. Spring lamb on the barbecue, asparagus, and strawberries make more sense than a big roast dinner to celebrate an abundant harvest. Some years I have plans to create a merry and festive Thanksgiving ritual. Of course none of these plans actually happen. Maybe next year.

I am grateful for the abundance of good things in my life. Even more so after the recent tragedy with the 29 Pike River miners in New Zealand. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Thanksgiving in NZ.


From AA to NZ said...

You and John Lennon.....

Happy Frog and I said...

Phew, glad you are OK! Also very busy indeed by the sounds of it. Loved the photos particularly the one of you and your other half. I am so jealous of your weather, it is starting to snow here!

CiCi said...

Power outage didn't slow you down though. I like hearing the names of things there compared to here. So you sorta had a Thanksgiving way over there and you are working on your writing. Good for you.

Sheila Siler said...

I hope you have been able to "win" with NaNoWriMo. I topped out (life got in the way) at a little over 21,000 words. I don't feel bad though, since this was my very first attempt. Sounds like Thanksgiving was a success, who needs turkey?

Alexandra said...

Happy Thanksgiving, and the picture of you, with your husband, marvelous.

Juli said...

Oops. Removed that photo.