I'm addicted to coffee.

I was excited to try a new cafe that I had read about on Twitter.

IN JULI’S HEAD: They have Bom Bons! Cardamom White Chocolates! Chilli Mochachinos!

WHAT JULI REALLY SAYS: [breezily, to BARISTA] I read about your cafe on Twitter.

BARISTA: [surprised] Really?

JULI: [modestly] Yeah. I’m kind of addicted to Twitter.

BARISTA: I don’t Twitter. I just, you know, e-mail.

JULI: You should get a Twitter account. Lots of businesses use Twitter!

BARISTA: So, would you tell people on Twitter, if they mention the cafe, and “twit” or “tweet”, they can get a free coffee?

IN JULI’S HEAD: I’m not going to sell out for four bucks.

WHAT JULI REALLY SAYS: [reluctantly] Uh, yeah. Sure. OK.

My Chilli Mochachino was very nice.

Edited to add. Health warning: Coffee and Twitter are highly addictive. When coffee and Twitter are used together, you can be offensive to others.


injaynesworld said...

Girlfriend, we've all given it away for a lot less. ;)

Casey Freeland said...

Chilli-mocha-whatever is not coffee. It contains coffee. Your addiction is much more complicated.


CiCi said...

I think coffee doesn't count in the list of addictions. At least it doesn't at our house.

Katie L. said...

As soon as I get to NZ, I'm definitely going. Can you turn this comment in for another free coffee? :)

Madame DeFarge said...

If I tweet about it, can you post the coffee over here?

Caffeinated Weka said...

It sounds like we are kindred spirits. ;-)

I went up to the mountain over the weekend. Rather than risk a bad coffee at some dodgy cafe up there, I brought my own stove-top caffettiera and coffee. I eventually joined a crowd in town for a bought coffee and was suitably disappointed.

So, where's this new cafe?

taitery said...

The only true coffee is harsh and black, and isn't mixed with anything to disguise it's flavor. And in it's original form, I'm convinced it is a legitimate medication that keeps me from killing those around me lol!