My crazy hope.

My crazy hope was that summer would be full of magic (and possibly S-E-X). By this, I mean I hoped summer would be fun.

It was off to a promising start. Six was happily ensconced in his new school. I found a cute new house. And there was a guy--in real life!--whom I liked.

The cute house didn't work out. And the guy wasn't into me. So, I felt broke and a bit lonely. Six was spending Christmas with his dad.

Whatever, I thought. I would use this time alone, be productive, work on the book that I won't publish.

Then I spilled coffee on my laptop, and I had a heart attack, because I need a new motherboard. (Expensive!) Despite the best holiday weather in forty years, I was too depressed to budge from my couch.

"2011, good riddance," I wrote for my Facebook status update. This was maybe unfair.

Yes, last year was a shitty year. But there were a few moments when I felt joy. As if I was living life in a way that was impossible before, when I was married to Adam. Which is the point of being separated--I guess.

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Sarah said...

i hope that things change soon. and why shouldn't they?

happy new year, juli.

Juli said...

Having a J-O-B would help a lot.

lisahgolden said...

Wishing you the J-O-B and good things.

Carrie said...

Aww...thing's are bound to turn around. They're just bound to.

I'm trying to change my attitude towards dating/men, so maybe one of us will turn up lucky?!?

Maybe?? =)

injaynesworld said...

Write the book for the joy it gives you to just write it, not for the result you may or may not have. The results will take care of themselves. Leave yourself open for surprises. Now go kick 2012's ass, girlfriend!

Katie L. said...

Thinking of you, my old friend.

This too shall pass. (It always does--the good and the bad.)

Here's to a 2012 that at least paves the way for both of those 3 letter words! :)


Kara said...

Here's wishing you all the joy you could ever want in 2012. It can only get better, right?

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

It will get better.
I've been unemployed 3 times in my life, and each time I felt like the lowest of the low, but each time, I ended up with a better job.

I've got a 25½ year old son, who is not bad looking and quite into music if you want his number.

Have a good New Year

Anonymous said...

I thought I wrote a comment!

It's a strange thing when you have one of those 'down' years--at least for me it looked like things wouldn't turn around--and then they did, wonderfully.

I really think that's going to happen to you this year. Lots of sex, a job and fun

snozma said...

Dammit I swear I can't win. Honey that previous comment was from me. I hit send without putting my name.

Happy Frog and I said...

I really hope that 2012 surpasses 2011 by a long chalk for you. x

Sarah Allen said...

Hope that 2012 turns out better for you. And me too.

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)