Sheela na gig

It's an impossible dream. We have so much baggage and live at opposite ends of the earth but I dream that you come to New Zealand.

We rent a bach somewhere by a lake. I cook for you.

There is an atmosphere between us.

I am nervous.

I believe this has the potential to become something deeper.

I'm worried that you'll think I already have too much invested but I need to be brave and somehow find the words to tell you.


This is what you do to me.


Lisa said...

Pow! Right between the eyes. Juli, this is a great piece of writing which leaves me wondering real or not real?

And the answer doesn't even matter. xo

Juli said...

It is fiction.


Amazing, even if it is fiction!

Ann Imig said...

Nothing more intoxicating than a crush.

Okay, some heroin addicts might disagree. But still!

Kara said...

This is very good...and sounds like you're writing from experience.

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

If I was a guy you were involved with, I would start running now. No matter how lovely the imagery, as soon as you mention "the potential to become something deeper." I would start running.

Don't say anything, don't try and guide the conversation into something deeper, just let it evolve.

And buy him a few more beers.

Beers help.

Look, I'm not trying to be cynical here, but most guys live in the moment, especially as Piri kicks the goals. Go the ABs.

Any woman trying to talk romance at the moment, is, to speak realistically, completely stuffed. Wait until we win, then anything you ask will be granted instantly, without thought.
If we lose, anything you say won't even register, so an affirmative nod can be taken for granted.

Juli said...

I'm not buying any more beers for men. Been there, done that. Would rather be alone than let that dirty game recapture me.

snozma said...

Ooh! Vicarious identification!

I remember that feeling. I HATED IT. But it is fascinating to read someone else describe it.

Yeah, don't buy beers. And I have discovered something interesting from listening to Jeffrey Eugenides on NPR: MEN THINK THAT TOO.

He said when he met a woman he liked, he'd immediately wonder if he was going to marry her.

My sister met a guy and they were living together in two shakes and it was like "I like you, you like me, let's be together." She is 43. They are happy. It's the first happy relationship she has EVER HAD. Not when she was the most beautiful woman in a university of 20,000 women. NOW when she has some facial hair and a woman's shape. She is BEAUTIFUL, believe me. But her BMI was above average when she met this guy, she had health problems, she told him EVERYTHING BAD about herself and he was like 'let's be together forever and ever.'

I don't know why I'm telling you this. My barber also found love and she was also in her 40s and everything that goes with that.

It was the same thing: Guy decided she was the one. It came from him. She was like 'wha?' He was like 'you are the one for me.'

So basically, the idea that men run from women who want a life together is kind of misleading. And then men who do that are really blech.

Anyway, I realize it's fiction. I'm just saying!

Only a enormous dummy would run from Juli if she thought it could be something more, etc.

The end

Of the longest comment in history

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

SNozma's comment made me think.
Perhaps my original comment was just too cynical.

I know that when I saw my wife for the first time I was attracted to her.

After our first date I wanted to be with her for ever.

Even though sometimes she infuriats me almost beyond reason.

As I've heard quoted.
"I always love you dear, but sometimes you make it difficult"