Take this job and shove it.

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Flight attendant Steven Slater got so fed up with disgruntled passengers that he activated the plane’s emergency slide and became a folk hero. But how did he get hired in the first place?

Once upon a time, I interviewed with a couple major airlines for a job as a flight attendant.

The screening sessions were like an open casting call. The candidates had to take multiple choice tests, speak or read in front of a group, and prove we could reach the overhead bins.

Against the odds, I advanced to the second interview stage, where I had one-on-one interviews and video tests in a group environment.

I answered behavioural questions about handling disgruntled customers and not being supported by my employer. (In hindsight, I probably answered these questions too fully.)

When I got to the scenario questions, I really failed. I wasn't able to show an interest in the safety and comfort of every passenger. (Because I hate people.)

Instead of the proper Miss America answers, I admitted I just wanted travel benefits. I also said first class passengers need to follow the same rules as everyone else. (Which is obviously WRONG.)

So, the airlines refused to hire me. I wasn't smart enough I was too smart to become a flight attendant. I guess I was lucky to avoid it. Because it's no longer a nonstop party with glamorous perks, is it?

I should have followed my father's advice to become a pilot. The end.


ballet news said...

Interesting ! Thank you & have a lovely weekend

Unknown said...

Wait a second! Ebert and Roeper gave a thumbs up to the crappy movie? Eek.

My experience with flight crews, and I do travel for work a fair bit, is half are pleasant and helpful, the other half are sucking on lemons bitter. Go work somewhere else if you hate it that much, people!

lisahgolden said...

I'm so glad to know you and share a certain lack of fondness for people.

lisahgolden said...

You and I. I cannot type today.

Fragrant Liar said...

Ha! You were smart enough to become an airline attendant and also smart enough to be honest. Which makes me wonder if all "qualified" airlines attendants are dishonest.

I'll never look at my flight attendant in the same light again.

Jack Steiner said...

Fight attendants are a real bag of mixed nuts.