My first vlog.

I did it all wrong. Oh, well!

Edited to add. Sorry the video and audio are a bit out of sync. I should have used the flip instead of the web cam. But I was too lazy. And Adam told me to go ahead and post this.

Edited again to add. My mother just told me she can't see my vlog on her iPhone. Here's the link to make it work.

Edited again to add. My mother didn't even notice the video was out of sync. I love my mother!


Katie L. said...

Hilarious! My favorite part is Five saying hello, right on cue.

Lisa said...

That looked right to me. I've been considering vlogging but was too chicken.

Well done and it's fun to get to see and hear you.

The Empress said...

Juli! You did it. Now I have to step up to the plate.

I just don't want to.

Did the liquid courage help??

It was adorable and I love that five has a little accent.

Did you ever think you'd have a child with an accent??????

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

So great to see and hear you :-)

Neil said...

This is great! Love seeing and hearing you. But you need to learn to talk and have the words come out at the same time.

Casey Freeland said...

Are you a ventriloquist or something? Seriously though, great to hear/see you in sort of real life. I expected some sort of accent to have rubbed off on you, but no, you sound like you live down the street.

Maybe I should try that. I'm not sure what the heck I would talk about.

Look forward to seeing more. And thanks for the link because I couldn't see it on my iPad either.



Ann said...

Well hello... great - and I did notice you were out of sync but I am a trained television professional.... yup seriously! Although until today I had not heard of a vlog.
By the way, what does everyone mean - 'accent'. You have an accent, Five does not! All just a matter of perspective people...

Suzy said...

It's always weird to hear someone's voice after only knowing them on a computer screen. You have a great voice!

Neal said...

truly a weird trip