In which I feel clucky.

Scene: After nephew's baptism. (OK, OK. Great-nephew.)

PRIEST, HUSBAND, and CRAZY NON-BELIEVER are stuffing their faces with afternoon tea in kitchen.

Me: I feel clucky. I'm going to ask if I can have a turn holding the baby.

Husband: It's not safe to try to take the baby away from the grandmother.

Me: I guess we need to make another one.

Priest: (giggles nervously) Uh, nice meeting you. (runs away)

Husband: Did you just lie to a priest?

Me: By pretending we have sex? Oh, honey. Don't be silly. He knows we’re married.


CiCi said...

Silly priest.

Casey Freeland said...


Ballet News said...

Ha !

Have a lovely week ..

Gwen said...

Come on. Married sex isn't impossible. I mean, if priests can do it ...