Metablog Week 2010.

Last week, Schmutzie (who is a very successful blogger) declared that it was Metablog Week. She even made these lovely buttons:
I realize that Metablog Week was last week. (See, I'm on top of things!)

Metablogging is blogging about blogging. Sometimes, metablogging seems boring or pretentious. (Which is why I metablog so often.) Here are a few of my recent posts on metablogging:
You might think that July Fourth would be a lonely day for an American expat living in New Zealand. It was Monday, and everyone was at work. There were no fireworks, no parades, and it was too cold for a barbeque. (Well, it was too cold for me. I need to harden up.)

No one in the village wished me a Happy Fourth. We had no Fourth of July plans. There were no fireworks left over from Guy Fawkes Day last year. (This was poor planning on our part. Actually, there were a few sparklers. But nobody was enthusiastic about waving them about in the cold.) No neighbours had loud parties. It was just another day. And I didn’t mind. (Very much.)


Ann said...

In honour of metablog week I thought I should leave you a comment on your post instead of spending ten minutes browsing and then slinking away in to the shadows again... some great posts linked to there. I got a little introspective a few weeks ago - I didn't know I was metablogging - I called it navel gazing! Happy Fourth of July... Ann x


I missed metablog week but I know it's something I should be reading up on - so thank you !

CiCi said...

Hi Juli, You could have traded places with us for the past couple days. We would have loved it. We have lived here two years and are not used to the noise of the fireworks. This was our third fourth of July here. In this county it is allowed to buy fireworks. Little stands pop up all over the county. Hundreds of the stands. To sell fireworks. For two weeks before the fourth of July people set off some of their fireworks. In the middle of the night. By yesterday I was already not liking fireworks. Ha. But the rest of the year it is so quiet that the couple weeks this time of year is doable.

Happy Frog and I said...

Next year you should throw a party and show them how it's done. (For 4th July, rather than metablog week!).

We get tons of fireworks in England over a 4 week period around November 5th - it does get a bit annoying!

Madame DeFarge said...

You mean there's other people out there?

Have a happy 5th July to make up for the 4th.