Have you seen my Donate button?

Well, I did it. I put up a Donate button on Wellington Road. So, if you are flush with cash, you might like to support me (as an artist), and subsidize a crazy, expensive ticket to somewhere. Or buy me a cup of coffee.

(Have you seen my Donate button? It’s over in my sidebar. With all that other rubbish. I know, I know. I should tidy up around here. But I kind of like it this way. You know what they say about a messy house.)

It’s OK to pay the writer. I accept payment by the word, by the post, or you can buy the rights to my book.

But, just to be clear, I’m not planning to put up a pay wall. The Internet should be free. By free, I mean accessible to most people. Like a library, or a state university. Power to the people!

(Except the stupid people.)

These silly, populist sentiments have prevented me from getting rich. As in, "I don't want to work for a hamburger chain. I'm a vegetarian!" And, "I don't want to work for this investment firm. Because Enron and Monsanto are evil!"

(Look for more thoughts on this topic in my upcoming series: When will I outgrow my stupid, childish ideals, and begin to function as an adult? Because, if I don’t grow up soon, my retirement and Five’s inheritance look very grim indeed. Maybe I can just keep hoping for a deus ex machina.)

I’m clinging—still—to my belief in a powerful grassroots movement. As if individual people can influence corporations by refusing to buy their products. Ha!

For example, I went out of my way not to use iTunes. And iTunes still got me in the end. Way to go, iTunes. (By the way, I wasn’t downloading music illegally. I have ethics. I was making a stand! And I really showed iTunes, didn’t I? Yeah!)

In the U.S. corporations now have the same rights as individuals. If the inverse is true, individuals also have the same rights as corporations. Feel free to think of me as a corporation. Buy shares of Wellington Road.

I will pay to view websites when it goes that way. The New York Times and Facebook will get me. And your blog will get me too. I am growing up.


Andrea said...

I went to donate for a cup of coffee and gpt "fatal error"..lol

Casey Freeland said...

My love and I were just talking about corporations and freedom.

For most people, the bigger the corporation you work for the less the freedom and the more the security.

For most people, the small the corporation you work for, the more the freedom and the less the security.

You only have to choose how much you need of each to survive.

I would pay you, you certainly deserve the green recognition, but I cannot. I follow about 25 blogs and I cannot afford to donate to them all, so i'm going to have to abstain from donating to any.


Gwen said...

My blog will always be free. Long may it run. So, as I am a poor non-writer also, can we go halfs on the coffee?

Gwen said...

halfs? halves? huh?

Neil said...

I think maybe a better idea is to start a retirement fund for bloggers where we all contribute a penny a day.

jessica bern said...

they ALWAYS get me in the end. Corporate America, can't live with em, and sadly can't live without most of them