I judge people by their book titles. (I'm only kidding. OK, sort of.)

I was inspired by Suzy’s post about her books. So, I thought I’d show you some books here at Wellington Road.

I borrow a lot of books from the library.

Books in New Zealand are expensive (unless, of course, you buy them used). A lot of these books have been passed on to me by my mother.

When you get married, you end up sharing your bookshelves. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) Adam and I don’t like the same books.

Here's my shelf (aka, the books of an English major).

I just can't recycle food magazines. Ever.

This is a bit of a shambles over here. Please don't judge me.

Five has so many books.

When I was growing up, I was sure that one day I would have a big library at my house. Instead, I have been living my life out of a suitcase, for over 20 years. And this is just another reason why I need an iPad.


Casey Freeland said...

I love this theme so much. Everyone please post your libraries. I had the same dream of having an actual library, a study with leather-bound masterpieces on every inch of wall save the majestic fireplace and massive writing desk. So good. But we just have books everywhere, apparently like everyone else.

Love the pics,


Aliceson said...

A few years ago our kids book situation was out of control until my husband built a big bookshelf with DOORS. Makes it easy to hide the mess. ;)

I'm hoping to take the kids to the Library either today or tomorrow to load up on some books for the summer. The TV is driving me nuts!

We once looked at a house that had a whole room that was a dedicated library. We didn't buy that house but I still think about it all the time. It had a greenhouse too!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Your bookcases look like ours, overflowing with good reads.

CiCi said...

Well I can understand your moving around so much, I have moved at least 100 times in my life so far. I would not have a house large enough for the books if I had kept them all during all the moves. Hubby and I put our books together and like you we check out books often from the library. We get about twenty books every three weeks or so from the library so we are reading every day part of the day. I like your idea of showing some of your books in your blog. Your first comment is by Casey and we have his books in our bookshelves.

Stone Fox said...

you're so..LITERARY!!

i have a bookcase crammed with books, almost all paperbacks, almost all having do to with private eyes, bounty hunters, lawyers, cops, FBI, you get the gist.. hardly any Proper, Meaningful books.

i am such a sham!!

palinode said...

It's good to have some Waugh around, for those Waughless afternoons.

Sarah said...

Love this post! I cling onto my books too, though I doubt I'll ever read many of them a second time. Some of them are precious and I would love for my children to read them when they're old enough.

It's funny to think in the future we won't necessarily walk inti someone's home and be able to idly browse their book shelves; as we'll read so much more electronically.

I must do a blog post on this theme.

Love it!

P.S. Excuse typos above; I'm tapping on my iPhone from the warm comfort of my bed!

Madame DeFarge said...

Let's face it. You don't need a reason for an iPad. You just need one.

Happy Frog and I said...

Great post. I have so many books I find it hard to give them up. I often have tried to give some to charity, but ended up going back in and buying them back from the charity shop! :-)

CrackerLilo said...

This is so cool. I'd probably find lots to read at your house! I love that your house is full of books, however they've been arranged. It's also cool that your books survived the moves.

I wanted a library, too. I did manage to get built-in bookshelves; we're proud of that. (@ Aliceson, I love the idea of doors!) My wife and I both love bad science fiction, so we share at least half our books and we weeded out duplicates. Most of those were mine, because she takes better care of books than I do. Now I have to be all careful--not dog-ear the books, eat wasabi peanuts or chocolate while reading, read in the tub, etc.

We do have some different tastes. The ones about science and sports and the ones in Russian are hers. The ones about magic, ancient mythology, color theory, and DIY are mine. I have tons of cookbooks, and I've cut recipes out of magazines and put them in scrapbooks. I *try* to recycle magazines after a year, but it's hard!

BTW, this is @greeneyedlilo from Twitter. Looking forward to coming back!

injaynesworld said...

I just love the feel of books so I don't know if I'd like a Kindle or IPad. I have a bunch of books in my "cart" on Amazon right now just waiting for money to buy them to magically emerge. I was going to the library, but then it takes me forever to actually read a book due to all the time I spend screwing around online that they'd always be overdue.

Someday I will have all the time I want to just read wonderful books. I wonder if there's a library in Heaven?

sarah said...

I may have to steal this idea b/c omg, I love it. Looking at these piles of books just makes me happy. I live in dire fear of nooks & kindles. I will never be prepared to give up my paper & ink books. Nice to see I'm not alone in my love affair with real books.

heavenisabookstore said...

I judge books by their covers, not so much people. I think I pick out most of my books by what the covers look like, then I read the back. Very enjoyable pics too. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Melodie said...

I love going into someone's house and finding that they like the same books as me. It almost feels like it makes two people kindred spirits. I also like putting out titles that I know will impress. It's a weird show off-y thing about me I guess. :)

Claudya Martinez said...

We need more bookshelves, but we have no where to put them. Maybe I need an Ipad too.