Challenge test.

For the last few weeks, Five has been doing “challenge tests” in the day ward of our local hospital. In each test, Five eats what he is allergic to, and we find out what happens. And each test is three hours. Good times!

SCENE: Children’s day ward at local hospital.

Five is undergoing challenge test #3. This test is for peanut allergy. Five looks at peanut butter and refuses to eat it.

Me: It’s like almond butter.

Nurse: Peanut butter is good. I like it.

Five: No, I don’t want it. (lies face down on bed)

Me: Five, I need you to try a little bit.

Five sits up. He eats 1/8 tsp peanut butter that we put on piece of bread. Spits it out. Lies face down on bed again.

Nurse: I don’t think he ate any of it.

Me: Should we try again?

Nurse: O.K.

Five: I’m not eating it! I have a sore throat!

Nurse: (discreetly) I’ll just give you a couple of minutes alone.

Me: Please eat it.

Huband: Or no McDonald’s!

Me: We need you to help us.

Husband: Or no Batman Lego on the Xbox!

Me: C'mon, just try. Or no TV!

Five: (very small voice) O.K.

Before Five eats peanut butter, Nurse comes back. We all notice Five has broken out in welts and hives.

Nurse: Uh, I don’t think we’d better give him any more.

Me: I feel like a sadist.

Nurse: Who's going to eat the rest of this peanut butter?



followthatdog said...

Ug. And how many of these do you have to do? Poor kid. Poor mom. That sounds terrible.

CiCi said...

Oh no, that is a lot for a little one to go through. Wow, just that little bit of peanut butter and there were welts and hives.

Suzy said...

I have no luck. I'm NEVER allergic to fattening foods.

Catching the Magic said...

Cripes, really feel for all of you, that sounds really tough. Hope you're out of there soon x

Julie G said...

Isn't there another way? (I realize if there was you would do it......seems barbaric though!) Hope it all works out soon-for everyone!

Casey Freeland said...

Aw, I'm sorry Juli.


Happy Frog and I said...

How awful, it must be so traumatic for you. Hope it is all over soon.

Ozma said...

Sheesh. I can see myself there. Sorry you have to go through that.

She got hives once after eating mole and I've considered just testing to see if she is allergic to it.

I hope he grows out of it. That does happen, doesn't it? Fingers crossed anyway.

But I know the whole 'cajole/threaten/beg' scene in medical contexts.

Madame DeFarge said...

The poor wee lamb. You'd think they;d have little miniature tubs for such occasions.

Anonymous said...

Aw, I'm so sorry. I can understand why Five didn't want to eat it. :(

Anonymous said...

Oh that's horrible. I'm so sorry! I'm sending good thoughts and non-allergic best wishes from the other side of the Rimutakas.