Is it still wrong to steal?

Scooters parked at Five's school

If we are friends on Facebook, or if you follow me on Twitter, then you might have seen my rants about Five’s stolen scooter. It was stolen on his first day of school, DURING the school day.

It was sort of surprising. A lot of people around here don’t lock their doors. The kids at school don’t lock up their bikes or scooters. But let’s be honest. Thefts happen.

Five’s scooter was probably stolen by an older kid at school. And it was returned. That’s good, right? But it was defaced and damaged. The perp had tried to remove all distinguishing characteristics from the scooter. And there was no apology.

Too many people in this village said returning the scooter was enough. All’s well that ends well.

Give me a frickin’ break. I’m just not satisfied with that.

The school claims there isn’t a problem with thefts at the school. But they admitted an iPod was just stolen from a teacher at school.

Uh, you guys? The emperor has no clothes.

A lot of people say they don’t know why society is breaking down. Let me tell you why. Parents don’t teach their children right from wrong. Parents don’t make their children be accountable for their actions. Parents aren’t willing to get involved in the schools. And we don’t have our best and brightest teaching. Teachers are spread too thin. And some people (not me) believe if teachers can’t cane students, there's no way to enforce the rules.

I want a better world.


Julie G. said...

theft is theft, no matter the guise. it is sad to observe (and suffer the actions) of children who, while they physically have parents, NEED a 'Mom' and 'Dad'. and perhaps those parents are merely continuing the cycle of only what they know. Fewer people these days (oh no, am I 80?) are willing to recognize any deficit in their upbringing and wish to break the cycle. my circle of like-minded friends is shrinking.

betty-NZ said...

Oh, don't get me started on the NZ school system! Their cover for everything is : 'I'm doing what I'm suppose to, it's not my fault.'

And you are very correct about no parental involvement. We had Missy's teacher/parent thingy this week and we breezed into just about everyone else's time slots because the other parents didn't bother to show up.

Sometimes I waffle about 'caning', but if parents would act like parents, it wouldn't ever be necessary.

I"m glad the scooter was returned and I hope you get some satisfaction.

Unknown said...

You are so right! I get so tired of people pussy footing around and letting their kids get away with more than they should because 'they are just being kids'. I am already seeing at my boy's kindy the families that are oblivious to their kids antics. When I was at primary school there was always that 'can't be bad or will get the strap' thought so there was very little bad behaviour. Now the teacher can barely look sideways at a kid without being accused of something. The cycle definitely begins at home!
I'm glad the scooter was returned but I also think you should have got either a decent apology or the perp's parents should have forked out for a new scooter.

Helen said...

How disgusting that you didn't even get an apology. If my kid had stolen that scooter, that would have been the absolute bare minimum! How sad that these children's parents don't care enough to equip them with basic morals and values. I'm so sorry =(

Casey Freeland said...

If it can be fixed (which I know it can't in this case because I saw the pics) then the thief should at the very least pay to have it fixed. If it can't be fixed, the thief needs to pay for a new one. Very simple. These should be the minimum requirement. Then the parents need to punish the thief.

From your post it looks like you don't know who took it. Probably won't ever know. So all my shoulds are just talk.

As crappy as this is, I don't see any restitution for you at all.



Happy Frog and I said...

Things seem very different now to when I was growing up. I thought it was just because I'm reaching a certain age, but maybe things are different. I was taught right from wrong and to say please and thank you and to respect adults from before I can even remember. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

Jack Steiner said...

Theft is just wrong.

Jordan said...

When you find this better world please let me know. I wanna come along

The Mad Scorpion said...

I agree, about the lax parenting thing. I dunno if it's just cause I've gotten old, or I'm jealous of how easy kids are getting it these days or what, but man... I can't believe how easy kids are getting it these days.
Back In My Day (oh god, I'm old) there were no Choices about dinner. There was just dinner - you ate it, or you sat there til it was stone cold and you STILL had to eat it, or you got a crack. Simple, to the point.
There was no bargaining, no this, no that... just do it, or else.
Not that I'm advocating violence against kids, but I gotta tell ya... I reckon a good hard smack when I deserved it didn't do me any harm. In fact, I reckon I'm better for it. I know the difference between right and wrong, and what a fair punishment is. And kids just aren't getting enough of it.
Bring back the jug cord I say. No, kidding... but the Threat of it would probably go a long, long way.
Also, I reckon there's less tribal parenting going on too. People are a lot less inclined to tell someone else's kid off these days. Kids need to know that their behaviour is unacceptable when it is. Otherwise, hideous children turn out to be Crap Adults.
For more, see my rant in entry 2 - www.themadscorpion.blogspot.com
p.s. love your work.

Unknown said...

Yes, it's still wrong. I remember a rash of such thefts at a local school. It seemed to be older kids. I recall parents putting up posters about not stealing, on the theory that these kids might get the message if they knew someone noticed. It seemed silly, a bit, but it helped.

bernthis said...

Pls. I live in L.A. You have to lock your lock. and you are right.