Sorry, Michelle, from Harmzie’s Way. It took me a while to finish your meme. (When you tagged me, I was intimidated by your awesomeness.) The idea is to take photos of red things. The red in Michelle’s photos is sensual and exotic. But right now, there isn’t much red in my life.

Red used to be my favourite colour to wear. Red was also my grandmother’s best colour. Now when I wear red, I feel like I am my grandmother. When I see myself in a (rare) photo, I see someone else, some older person. Is that my grandmother?

I remember when I was a child, looking at photos of my grandmother. (Remember when 30 seemed old?) Now when I look at photos of myself, I think, she looks old. I don’t feel old. Oh, wait, sometimes I do. Never mind.

Red is more fun to wear with dark hair. Over the summer, I was having fun with my dark hair and wearing red.

(Oh, hair maintenance. It’s easier for me to keep up with you if my hair is dark. But I feel younger with blond hair. And I have more fun.)

Here are a few red things at Wellington Road. My mother-in-law got me this cute top for my birthday.

The phone with the tiny buttons. It has outwitted and outlasted me. It's a survivor. And I refuse to buy a new phone while tiny button phone still works.

This term, the child has been riding his scooter (instead of his bike) to Playcentre. He is about to graduate from this scooter.

The chilly bin. This is Kiwi for cooler. Sometimes, I get confused and call it an icy box, and Adam just about dies laughing. I try to remember to bring it to the supermarket. For the ice cream.

My Crocs. I am still wearing them out in public. They are comfortable.

Gorgeous travel journal, unused. There are even maps of major cities in this journal. I must be saving it for an adventure. I can’t wait.

Want to play along? If you do, let us know in the comments.

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sas said...

OMG I totally forgot that kiwis/people who live in kiwi land wear crocs. hilarious!

V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios said...

I'm too lazy to photograph all the red in my life. Red is my favorite color (but, oh I do love purple too). I take my reds deep and dark like cranberries. Not geranium red. Not tomato red.

I have a red sofa and a red-walled room. I have a red spread on my queen-sized bed. I have a red dishpan and a zippy red purse. When I wore my red Columbia ski parka in Paris, I was easy to spot in a crowd. I have many red scarves but I no longer have red shoes. There's a pair of ruby glass salt and pepper shakers on my table that were given to me by first boyfriend's mother when I was only 15. Garnet is my birthstone and I have dark red hair. I also have red blood. Go figure.

harmzie said...

That is an awesome bunch of red. And I love that you think my red suitcase is "sensual and exotic"! ;-)

I think I'm going to start calling my cooler a "chilly bin". It's way cooler than, um, "cooler".

Kathleen said...

Hey hey, not all kiwi land dwellers wear crocs ;) Not a pair to be seen in our house!

From AA to NZ said...

Lovin' the red.

Shouldn't you be seeing your MOTHER in the mirror? Your grandmother would be delighted that we both see her!!

Suzy said...

I don't do memes (which I think you already know?) but I liked this one because I'm a red FREAK! Have it all over my l.r. and bedroom. That top was cool.

Madame DeFarge said...

Never had a chance to wear red, given that my hair is red too. I feel deprived now.

girlvaughn said...

RED! I love red... my phone, my wallet, many pairs of shoes, and purses. Red is amazing.

The "red" I am most proud of though is my wedding dress... it was a non-traditional wedding (really, just a cocktail party where we got married) but it was still a wedding dress and it was still a RED wedding dress. I was told I would regret that, but 7+ years later I am more giddy about it every time it comes to mind.

Lola Sharp said...

For most of my life I avoided red. Too powerful, too...something. I felt if I wore red it would look too sexual and cocky.

In the last 3-4 years I have been drawn towards red, like moth to a flame, and now I love it. I see it as the color of love, romance, Christmas and I too like mine dark and deep. No orange to it.

My favorite color is still pink, with aqua a close second. I still wear a lot of black. But I own plenty of red clothing, shoes and accessories. (note my badass red patent leather red heels)

Have a happy weekend!

Rainey said...

Love this blog!

I was just thinking that really nothing in my life is red (I trend towards blues, greens and grays) and that I could probably use more red in my life, when in walks my boyfriend with a bright red box of Tagalong Girl Scout Cookies (for those uninitiated into the world of a GS Cookie, Tagalongs are a butter cookie topped with the sugary-goodness of a peanut butter dollop and then coated in silky chocolate.)

I did need more red in my life. This post was an omen.

Jordan said...

It's funny- I seldom wear red, but big ticket items tend to end up that color- car,cell,laptop and camera. I wonder what that means.
I also wonder why that has never occurred to me before.

red-handed said...

It is, *of course*, the BEST colour, and goes with EVERYTHING.

IT IS ALLY said...

The other day on my way to work I saw a woman dressed completely in tight-fitting black, wearing a pair of red Crocs! It could have been you. If you were a ninja.