Twitter-bleeping and my Facebook friends.

Yesterday, I got all excited. I thought Danny DeVito was following me on Twitter.

But (of course) he wasn't. It was a fake. So I sent the fake this tweet. Because that’s, like, so mean.

Both accounts might be fakes. But one is COPYING from the other. And (as you know) copying is Wrong.

I tried to let other people know about the fake. But the fake had gone viral. People were following the fake like sheep. So I gave up.

I didn’t want to be THAT GIRL, sending a million tweets about the fake. But I felt sad. Because people create fake Twitter accounts. And because people are as dumb as sheep.

The other day, a (sort of) famous blogger asked me to be his friend on Facebook. He has over 600 friends. I'm a fan, but I only have made one or two comments on his blog. I don’t think he knows me from a bar of soap.

I have nothing against promoting yourself on Facebook. But I have this rule:
I have to know my friends on Facebook IRL (in real life).
Of course, I don't really know my friends on Facebook (people from high school and people from work). Does anyone else have this dumb Facebook rule?


unPC lesbian said...

if the "famous" blogger is who I think he is, I don't have him as a facebook friend either...and I do know him in real life!

Juli said...

Typical NZ. One degree of separation!

Jacqui said...

Yeah, I do the same thing although it's really stretching it when I can't remember if I ever had a real conversation with them in highschool, which was the last time I ever saw them. But hey, HE wanted to friend me, not the other way around, so maybe I'm popular now?

darsden said...

I am not much of a tweeter it's all I can do to keep up in blogland and facebook and still try to walk away from the computer at some point in my day. Otherwise I would just stay at the PC and never get anything done. (basically why my house is a mess right now) Having said that Most of my facebook friends I have met face to face, having a school reunion recently helped get a lot more face to face...but there are exceptions there are bloggers true to heart I haven't met face to face but I know them by heart so YES, they are my friends on facebook too which brings them even closer to me meeting them face to face one day soon.

Suzy said...

Every time I read a blog with a Twitter or a Facebook 'issue' it just reinforces my need not to do either.

Elizabeth VanBodegraven said...

I agree with your IRL rule...apparently though I did know someone at one point becuase e has Friend requsted me more than once and we have a dozen mutual friends (including you...maybe). I think I am going to use Facebook as memory system and give my worn-out brain a break.

American in Sydney said...

Twitter just seems so useless, but maybe I'm not using it to it's full potential? I've seen just way too much boring stuff on there!

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

I have to know who you are and care enough to read your updates...I may not have met you in real life, but I've met you online ... and have some common interest, background, etc. that makes me consider you an acquaintance. As an example, there are a couple of bloggers that are my FB friends...and we haven't 'met' irl but have exchanged emails, comments, etc.

This rule does not apply for our business-related FB pages ... as long as you are interested in reading updates about our shop and aren't posting porn or spam...you can be our friend.

Chris Mancini said...

Who has THAT much free time that they are impersonating DANNY DEVITO?! Hilarious that you called him on it too.