Inglorious bastards.

Last night on Rove, Quentin Tarantino was promoting his new film, Inglourious Basterds (or however he spells it).

For those of you not in NZ or Australia, Rove is a hot, young, Australian talk show host. And lately, when Rove has American guests on the programme (Kiwi for program), I just cringe.

For example, 15 years ago, I thought Quentin Tarantino was cool. He was eccentric, but (of course) I was still a fan.

On Rove, Tarantino came off like a prat (Kiwi for self-righteous asshat).

To start with, I was annoyed when Rove asked if there had been trouble (in the media) about using the word bastards.

It’s the TV presenters that love saying bastards, Tarantino said, pointing at Rove. He went on:
On a morning programme in England, they told me I couldn’t say the title of the movie. And then they asked me, why did you spell it that way? And I said, it just takes the piss out of them. And they said, you can’t say that either!
I guess it’s a funny story. But to me, Tarantino seemed gleefully childish. He wasn't sufficiently humble. It’s like he has a sense of entitlement.

They talked about saying bastards in an American accent, compared to an English accent. Tarantino agreed that it sounds better in an English accent.

But he was using some Aussie words, like mucking about, taking the piss and no worries, and of course, Rove called him on it.

Do you want to be an Australian? Rove said.

No, I just have a lot of Ozzie friends, Tarantino said defensively.

Even though Tarantino was being a prick, Rove was still charming. What’s wrong with being Australian? he joked.

I said Ozzie, not Aussie. Tarantino said, emphasizing his American accent.

Then Tarantino said, I try not to use Ozzie words, but I say mate all the time, and when I’m in Australia, people make fun of me because they think I’m trying to kiss their ass.

Kees their oss? Rove asked.

No, kiss their ass! Tarantino said in his broadest American accent.

And I'm sorry, he has an ugly accent.

Husband: So you’re becoming a Kiwi. Now you see what the rest of the world has been putting up with.

Me: But I use Kiwi words sometimes. Does that make me an asshat?

Husband: (silence)

Me: At least I’m a self-aware asshat.

Note: I have paraphrased what Tarantino said. You can see it for yourself on Rove.

Edited to add. Maybe a genius like Quentin Tarantino is allowed a bit of bluster. Check out this great post, with links to other interviews with Mr Tarantino.


darsden said...

I have never cared for Tarantino..never "saw" the big deal people made over him. He is a self inflated ego to me.. Not at all impressed with his movies either some are okay..but his elevator just doesn't go all the way up to me. Sorry don't mean to offend you or anybody..just my opinion!

betty-NZ said...

I agree with you totally. Being transplanted from the US, I am sadly aware that most of the people who live or work in California have humility issues.

It usually turns out that the movies "they" say are great, I think are rubbish, anyway, so I don't bother with listening to interviews any more.

♥ Braja said...

Like Dar I've never cared for Tarantino. I did just spend a month back home in Oz though, and was kinda shocked at the accent all the time :)

Suzy said...

I love Tarantino and could watch the Kill Bills over and over. Haven't seen IB yet. But he doesn't churn out crap like GI Joe or Mike Meyers movies so there's at least THAT. "No worries" crossed over to California a year or two ago so we now hear it on commercials etc.

To answer your question, no I'm not on Twitter. YET!

From AA to NZ said...

FYI: Tarantino comes across the same way in his American interviews. Check some of his "moments" on You Tube.

Really enjoyed Rove eying him like some sort of unpredictable insect. Q clearly loves Q. Not so sure Rove does. I know I don't.

Juli said...

Tarantino is complicated. I really liked his interview with NPR's Terry Gross on Fresh Air.

While I am repelled by the violence in QT's films, I still think he is brilliant. I would like to see him try to make a movie with just dialogue.

Jack Steiner said...

To each their own. I loved Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs.

TheBezOne said...

No matter where you live or where you are from Tarantino comes off as a guy who is totally into himself. He needs to take it down a couple of notches.

He has been on talk shows here in the US way toooo much telling us how awesome he is. I just wish he would make films but remain hidden. ( One of my favorite movies is Resevoir Dogs.. I <3 Mr. Blonde aka: Vic Vega)

hg said...

i'd love to ssee him do a dialogue only film. true brilliace.

p.s. -- i think asshat is my new favotite word.